Do I need Lou for Malaysia?

What is LoU Letter Malaysia?

The LOU requirement was issued by the Malaysian Government to ensure travellers pay the quarantine charges as there was no provision (circular on payment) and to protect the interests of the Malaysian Government from any liability lawsuits.

How do I submit LoU to Malaysia?

Each applicant must submit the relevant documents along with the completed LoU via email to Malaysian Missions, which is accredited at least three days before the date of departure. The email address of the Malaysian Missions can be found at mission.

What is LoU undertaking Letter?

A Letter of Undertaking (LOU) is a bank guarantee given by one bank to another bank on behalf of the customer for repayment of the loan. Mostly, the LOU is used when the person imports anything from a person, in another country.

What is Letter of Undertaking and indemnity LoU?

Travel Note is a document issued by the High Commission of Malaysia in Singapore following the submission of Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (LOU) to confirm that the applicant has agreed to bear the cost of quarantine at the quarantine centre in Malaysia. Travel Note is NOT a visa to enter Malaysia.

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How do I apply for Lou?

High Commission of Malaysia, Singapore updated their status.

  1. Download and fill up the Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (LOU) for entry to Malaysia (land and air) – link for LOU as below.
  2. Email the LOU to
  3. Proceed to apply for MyPass entry permit at

What is MyPass Malaysia?

myPASS – Malaysia Personal Travel Note Application. High Commission of Malaysia, Singapore.

Is a letter of undertaking legally binding Malaysia?

A letter of intent is generally not legally binding unless both parties intended that it should be enforceable and it does not refer to a resulting future contract. … A letter of undertaking is contractual in nature and failure to comply with it will result in a breach of obligation.

What is full form of LoU?

Letter of undertaking (LOU) is a form of bank guarantee under which a bank can allow its customer to raise money from another Indian bank’s foreign branch in the form of a short term credit.

Where do I send LoU?

Each applicant must submit a copy of their passport along with the completed and signed LoU via email to the High Commission of Malaysia, London, at least three days before the date of departure.

What is the purpose of a letter of understanding?

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), or a Letter of Understanding (LoU) contract, explains an agreement made between two or more parties. It outlines the understanding all sides have regarding a specific situation. Think of it as a formal version of a gentlemen’s agreement.

What is a letter of indemnity?

A letter of indemnity (LOI) is a contractual document that guarantees certain provisions will be met between two parties. … The concept of indemnity has to do with holding someone harmless, and a letter of indemnity outlines the specific measures that will be used to hold a party harmless.

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