Frequent question: How do I dispose of my Christmas tree in Singapore?

Can you put a Christmas tree in the bin?

If you have not signed up for garden waste collections, or use communal rubbish and recycling facilities, then you should put your tree next to your communal bin on the tree collection day for your street.

When should you throw away your Christmas tree?

As far as taking the Christmas tree down, the NFPA recommends removing the tree as soon as it looses its smell and begins dropping needles. When your tree no longer retains moisture, it becomes a fire hazard.

What bin does artificial Xmas tree go in?

Fake Christmas trees belong in your REFUSE bin or at your local RECYCLING CENTRE. Please Remember: Please remember to check recycling centre opening times before going, and remember to remove all decorations before disposal. Don’t forget broken lights can be recycled at the centre too!!

Can you use old Christmas tree for firewood?

Firewood. Wood makes the best firewood, so use that wood from this year’s Christmas tree for next winter’s fires. Removing all the branches from the tree can be a bit annoying, but with a good, sharp hatchet, the limbing won’t take long.

Can you replant a cut Xmas tree?

How to Replant Your Christmas tree. Yes, a cut off tree can be replanted and it can grow again. For a successful transplant, it is ideal that you’ve kept the tree inside for no more than 10 days, away from heat sources such as fireplaces or radiators and you’ve provided enough moisture to the earth ball.

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Can you burn a dried out Christmas tree?

We recommend burning dry wood in your fire pit not only to ensure you experience a smokeless flame, but also because burning wet wood can create a flammable, corrosive substance called creosote that can build up inside your fire pit. The buildup can restrict the airflow in your fire pit and damage your ash pan.