Frequent question: How do I get my first car in the Philippines?

How do I buy my first car in the Philippines?

10 Tips When Buying A Brand New Car

  1. Do your research. Look into the kind of car that fits your needs. …
  2. Buy a car you can afford. No, just because you’re getting a car loan doesn’t mean you can get the priciest of the bunch. …
  3. Compare. …
  4. Forego the add-ons. …
  5. Get a pre-approval. …
  6. Shop around. …
  7. Bring someone with you. …
  8. Test drive.

What car should I buy for my first car Philippines?

Top 5 cars for first-time buyers for under P1,000,000 in 2020

  • Suzuki S-Presso – P518,000.
  • Kia Picanto – P590,000 – 745,000.
  • Kia Soluto – P665,000 – 755,000.
  • Geely Coolray – P978,000.
  • Suzuki Ertiga – P738,000 – P993,000.

How do I choose my first car?

10 Tips for First-time Car Buyers

  1. Establish a realistic budget. …
  2. Know what you can spend monthly. …
  3. Establish your transportation needs. …
  4. Identify and prioritize your wants. …
  5. Do your research (it’s never been easier) …
  6. Locate a convenient dealer. …
  7. Take a test drive. …
  8. Determine the proper purchase price.
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Can foreigners own cars in the Philippines?

Foreigners can own a car in The Philippines. Financing is available in terms from 1 year (12 months) to 5 years (60 months). You will need the appropriate down payment for the vehicle, 3-year Land Transportation Office (LTO) registration, comprehensive insurance, and the mortgage fee.

How much does it cost to buy a car in the Philippines?

If the total car price costs ₱2,027,760 for five years, this would mean the car owner spends roughly 405,552 a year.

How much would you be paying?

Downpayment P204,000
Gasoline costs ₱573,000
Maintenance ₱35,100
Insurance ₱64,620
Parking ₱57,600

What is the best car for beginners?

Best First Cars For Beginners and Young Drivers

Brand Model (Year) NHTSA Safety Rating
1. Honda Fit (2020) ★★★★★
2. Chevrolet Cruze (2019) ★★★★★
3. Hyundai Ioniq (2020) Rating in progress
4. Mazda CX-3 (2020) ★★★★★

What car is best for a first-time driver?

Top 10 best first cars for new drivers 2021

  • Volkswagen up!/Skoda Citigo/SEAT Mii.
  • Kia Picanto.
  • Ford Fiesta.
  • SEAT Ibiza.
  • Hyundai i10.
  • Volkswagen Polo.
  • Toyota Aygo/Peugeot 108/Citroen C1.
  • Skoda Fabia.

What is the best month to buy a car in the Philippines?

Why December is the best time to buy a new car in the Philippines? A new year is going to be here soon and everyone wants to buy something new for themselves or their family. Buying a car is both a huge expenditure and an investment. So, you would need to give a lot of thought about which car you are going to buy.

Can you get a vehicle cheaper if you pay cash?

Paying cash can get you discounts.

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Cash gets you the discount price, which is the cost you pay for taking advantage of zero percent financing. And when you pay cash, you may even be able to negotiate a better price, particularly on a used car.

What car should I buy Philippines?

Best cars for first-time buyers in the Philippines

  • Honda City. Let’s start this list with the vehicle that could be the perfect first car – the Honda City, in its E variant. …
  • Suzuki Vitara. …
  • Nissan Almera. …
  • Mazda2. …
  • Toyota Yaris. …
  • Ford EcoSport. …
  • Mitsubishi Mirage (Hatchback and G4) …
  • Chevrolet Trax.

What’s a good price for a first car?

What’s A Good Budget For Your First Car? As mentioned above, you can expect to spend between $5,000 and $10,000 on your first vehicle. This is the ‘sweet spot’ where you will find the most value. Cars under $5,000 tend to be a lot less reliable, while cars over $10,000 are too expensive for most first-time car buyers.

Should your first car be new or used?

The best way to save money is to buy used. A new car loses almost half its value in the first five years, so go for one that’s a few years old yet still has contemporary safety features and many useful years ahead of it. Buying used also means a nicer car for the money than possible if buying new.

Should I buy my 16 year old a car?

A 16 year old should not have their own car, even if they can pay for it themselves. At 16 you don’t have a license. You only have a learner’s permit and need an adult that has been licensed for three or more years with you while you’re driving.

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