How can I apply for CIMB in Singapore?

How can I open a CIMB Bank account in Singapore?

Opening a CIMB SG FastSaver Account

  1. Step #1: Register for your account online.
  2. Step #2: Link your Singapore account.
  3. Step #3: Perform an initial transfer.
  4. Step #4: Application verification.
  5. Step #5: CIMB SG First-time login.
  6. Rate Comparison: Check out the rates between Wise and our local banks below:

Can I apply CIMB Malaysia account in Singapore?

All CIMB Malaysia account opening needs to be via our Singapore branch, and by appointment basis only. Please complete the online form below for a Service Ambassador to contact you with regards to your appointment. Kindly ensure that you have an existing CIMB Singapore SGD Current/Savings Account.

How much does it cost to open a CIMB account in Singapore?

The account opening requires a minimum of SGD1000 initial funding, which you will need to complete the funding process within 30 days. It is recommended to perform the funding using Fintech like Wise to save on exchange rates!

Does Singapore have CIMB Bank?

View your CIMB Bank Singapore account – transactions history, pending transactions. Perform funds transfer to your own CIMB Bank Singapore accounts. Schedule funds transfer to own CIMB Bank Singapore accounts.

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Can I open 2 CIMB account?

You may only have one (1) Fast Account/Fast Plus Account at any point in time throughout your banking relationship with us. However, you may apply for more than one UpSave Account.

Can I transfer money from CIMB Malaysia to Singapore?

Account Linking Request

If you have a CIMB Singapore Account, you can now use Clicks Malaysia to transfer funds to your own or 3rd party CIMB Bank Singapore Account. To use this service, you need to perform Account Linking Request via Clicks Malaysia.

Can Singaporean Open Malaysia bank account?

Yes, it is possible to open a bank account in Malaysia as a non-resident. You just need to provide the necessary paperwork, which as you see, does not require proof of address in Malaysia. If you choose a foreign bank, you can even start the process from abroad.

How do I book an appointment at CIMB?

How to Apply?

  1. Step 1 : Download and fill up the Business Account Application Form.
  2. Step 2 : Email the form to
  3. Step 3 : Our Customer Service Officers will contact you shortly to set an appointment to visit our branches to verify your supporting documents.

How can a foreigner open a bank account in Singapore?

Foreigner (Studying in Singapore)

  1. Identification Document. Provide valid Passport (biodata) …
  2. Proof of Study in Singapore. Matriculation card/ Student card (includes In-Principle Approval by ICA) …
  3. Proof of Residential Address. Provide the latest copy (within last 3 months) of any of the items below:

What is CIMB SG account?

An online savings account with no multiple conditions that earns you high interest rates of up to 1%* p.a!

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How do I get a CIMB FastSaver account?

Just fill out the CIMB FastSaver Online Application form on the CIMB website. Upon submission, a CIMB FastSaver account number will be issued instantly. All you need to do is to activate the account by transferring a minimum of $1,000 from another bank account of yours via Internet banking and voila! It’s finished!