How do I get from Phuket to Vietnam?

Is there a train from Thailand to Vietnam?

At present, no railway connections have been made between Thailand and Cambodia. If you want a train tour from Thailand to Vietnam, you can take a train from the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, to Aranya Prathet, most frequented port in Thailand near Cambodia, and then head to Vietnam.

Can I travel from Thailand to Vietnam?

From Thailand to Vietnam, you have to go through the third country. There are two routes for you. You will move through Moc Bai border gate in Tay Ninh or Cau Treo border gate in Ha Tinh. These two border gates are developed in terms of tourism with the wide and quite safe asphalt roads.

How long does it take to get to Vietnam by boat?

Getting to Vietnam by boat

The only international arrival point into Vietnam with a regular ferry service is Chau Doc in the Mekong Delta. There are daily speedboat ferries from Phnom Penh along the Mekong River taking 4.5 to 5 hours. Cruise ships call at Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang, Danang and Haiphong.

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Is it cheaper to fly to Thailand or Vietnam?

Prices in most of Vietnam are only slightly less expensive than in rural Thailand, but well below the prices of Bangkok and the major tourist resorts. Overall, Vietnam is the better place for your cost of living on your holiday.

How much does it cost to travel from Thailand to Vietnam?

The quickest way to get from Thailand to Vietnam is to BTS and fly which costs ฿3500 – ฿12000 and takes 4h 48m. How far is it from Thailand to Vietnam? The distance between Thailand and Vietnam is 838 km. The road distance is 859.6 km.

Can you fly direct from Phuket to Vietnam?

What is the distance between Phuket and Vietnam? The distance between Phuket and Vietnam is 1251 km. The road distance is 1692.6 km. … There is no direct flight from Phuket Airport to Danang Airport.

How long is bus from Thailand to Vietnam?

Thailand to Vietnam bus overview

The distance from Thailand to Vietnam is about 1048 km, which takes you around 10 to 15 hours.

How far is Vietnam from Thailand by plane?

The shortest distance (air line) between Vietnam and Thailand is 456.53 mi (734.72 km). The shortest route between Vietnam and Thailand is 648.54 mi (1,043.72 km) according to the route planner.

How many hours Bangkok to Vietnam?

Flights from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City • Airlines & Flight Duration

Airline & Journey Duration
Hankook Air US BKK ➝ SGN 1 hr 30 mins
Thai Airways International BKK ➝ SGN 1 hr 30 mins
Jet Airways BKK ➝ SGN 1 hr 30 mins
Vietnam Airlines BKK ➝ SGN 1 hr 30 mins
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How long is a boat ride from Vietnam to us?

It depends on which shipping mode you use. Shipping express can take as few as 1-4 days– but express is the most expensive mode, and is not suitable for large shipments. Air freight shipping will take about 8-16 days. Sea freight shipping takes 37-41 days, but is the most affordable if you can wait.

How long is the plane ride to Vietnam?

An average nonstop flight from the United States to Vietnam takes 25h 06m, covering a distance of 8401 miles. The most popular route is San Francisco – Ho Chi Minh City with an average flight time of 19h 30m.

How much does it cost to ship from US to Vietnam?

See how low shipping rates from the US can be!

Weight Small Pack Saver 7 – 20 days FedEx Priority 1 – 3 days
1lbs 14.99 USD 39.99 USD
2lbs 28.99 USD 40.99 USD
3lbs 40.99 USD 45.99 USD
4lbs 52.99 USD 53.99 USD