How many Coast Guard served in Vietnam?

When did the Coast Guard leave Vietnam?

5 May 1973– Last USCG personnel assigned to Vietnam depart for the United States. 30 April 1975- Con Son LORAN station disestablished.

How many soldiers actually served in Vietnam?

Approximately 2,700,000 American men and women served in Vietnam.

How many soldiers are in the Coast Guard?

Currently, after the Space Force, the Coast Guard is the smallest military branch. 40,992 full-time active-duty service members are currently working in the Coast Guard, along with 7,000 part-time reservists, 8,577 civilians and 31,000 auxiliary Coast Guard volunteers.

What percentage of Vietnam veterans actually saw combat?

Of the 2.6 million, between 1-1.6 million (40-60%) either fought in combat, provided close support or were at least fairly regularly exposed to enemy attack. 7,484 women (6,250 or 83.5% were nurses) served in Vietnam.

Did the Coast Guard serve in Iraq?

As in so many American conflicts, Coast Guard units and personnel in Operation Iraqi Freedom or OIF, performed several missions; including escort duty, force protection, maritime interdiction operations or MIO, and aids-to-navigation, or ATON, work.

Why are Vietnam vets dying so fast?

Why are Vietnam vets dying so fast? (Reuters Health) – Higher than average death rates among Vietnam War veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) suggest that combat trauma may still be affecting veterans’ health even decades after the war, according to a new study.

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