How many elderly are in the Philippines?

Who are the elderly in the Philippines?


The elderly population in the Philippines is steadily increasing in the past decade. As of the latest NSCB figures, the elderly dependent population (aged 65 and older) comprises 3.83 percent of the population; by 2025 it is expected that the elderly will be 10.25 percent of the population.

How many percent are senior in the Philippines?

In 2015, the share of population older than 65 amounted to about 4.6 percent. In 2100, the percentage of the population above the age of 65 was forecasted to reach 25.6 percent.

Share of population older than 65 in the Philippines from 2015 to 2100.

Characteristic Share of population older than 65 years old

Does the Philippines have an aging population?

The proportion of elderly in the Philippines is much smaller than in other Southeast Asian countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia. The elderly population aged over 65 years increased from 2.7% of total population in 1990 to 3.6% in 1990. The elderly are expected to comprise 7.7% of total population in 2025.

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What age is elderly in Philippines?

Key facts

2019 2050
Life expectancy (males) 67.08 71.88
Life expectancy (females) 75.31 79.5
Old-Age Dependency Ratio (Age 65+ / Age 15-64) 8.6 17.7
Rural older people (% of total population) 6.48

How Filipinos treat their elderly?

Filipinos place a strong cultural value on respect for age and for the elderly. Young people are expected to show respect to the elderly as well as older members of the family. Older adults should be addressed in polite language, preferably with appropriate titles of respect.

What are the benefits of a senior citizen in the Philippines?

List of Senior Citizen Benefits

  • Income tax exemption for minimum wage earners.
  • Training fee exemption on socio-economic programs.
  • Free medical and dental services in government facilities.
  • Free flu and pneumococcal vaccinations for indigent senior citizens.

What is the age for senior citizens?

Age: Varies – usually 50 – 65

Some senior discounts are available for those with an AARP card, so these seniors would be aged 50 and older since that’s age AARP’s requirement. Other establishments have age requirements of 55, 60, or 65 years of age.

Who is responsible to care for aging members in the family?

In the U.S., requiring that children care for their elderly parents is a state by state issue. Some states mandate that financially able children support impoverished parents or just specific healthcare needs. Other states don’t require an obligation from the children of older adults.

Why the recent increase in the number of older adults?

Several countries today are facing an aging population, where the median age of the population has increased and a larger portion of the population is considered to be older. Two primary reasons for this are increased life expectancy and lower birth rates.

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What are the gender roles in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, women are still strongly tied to their traditional roles as mother, wife, and housekeeper. There are more men than women employed in forest based industries as well as in the fisheries sector. Women are engaged in almost all areas of rice production.