How many nurses died in Vietnam?

How many nurses served in Vietnam War?

Although no one knows exactly how many nurses served in Vietnam, there are estimates ranging from 5,000 to 11,000. The Department of Defense claims that there were 6,250 Army nurses in Vietnam.

How many American females died in Vietnam War?

Like their military counterparts, many of these women were wounded in the crossfire. More than 50 civilian American women died in Vietnam. Many Vietnam women veterans have never told their friends, colleagues or even loved ones about their tour of duty in Vietnam.

What did nurses do in the Vietnam War?

Despite the long hours and sometimes horrifying wounds these women had to face, many nurses found their service rewarding. They were able to serve their country and save and comfort the wounded men in their facilities. During the Vietnam War 98% of the men who were wounded and made it to the hospital survived.

How many Vermonters died in Vietnam?

It is believed that 109 Vermonters died in Vietnam. Vietnam veterans were at the outdoor ceremony at the headquarters of the Vermont National Guard.

What state lost the most soldiers in Vietnam?

Here are the 10 states with the most Vietnam casualties: California (5,572) New York (4,117) Texas (3,414)

Vietnam War Casualties By State 2021.

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State Casualties
California 5,572
New York 4,117
Texas 3,414
Pennsylvania 3,142

What was life like in Vietnam during the war?

About 75% of the 2.5 million soldiers fighting in Vietnam worked in support roles as clerks far away from the front lines. These men had access to all the luxuries of home, including getting to sleep in a bed, eating hot meals, drinking at bars, and shopping at a well-stocked commissary.

Did the Vietnam War come to a sudden end?

No. It was just a gradual change because there was no more war.