How much is MRT card in Singapore?

How much is EZ-Link card Singapore?

2. How much is an EZ-Link card? An EZ-Link card which is sold at TransitLink Ticket Offices, Concession Card Replacement Offices, Passenger Service Centres and 7-Eleven, each costs $10, out of which $5 is stored-value for use. The remaining $5 is the cost of the card and is non-refundable.

How much does it cost to get a new EZ-Link card?

Getting a personal EZ-Link card?

Where to get your card Sales Price Stored value Card cost
TransitLink Ticket Offices and Concession Card Replacement Offices located at MRT stations and bus interchanges $10 $5 $5
Convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, Buzz and Cheers outlets Price varies

Is EZ-Link card cheaper?

On average, using an EZ-Link card costs about SGD 0.17 less per trip compared to using cash; this adds up as you make more trips using Singapore’s public transport system. EZ-Link card users are also given an additional SGD 0.25 discount when they transfer between a bus and an MRT or vice-versa.

Is it worth it to buy Singapore Tourist Pass?

If you are visiting Singapore for less than three days and intend to use public transport as your main method of transportation (which is very likely), then the Singapore Tourist Pass is the best option for you.

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Can I pay cash for MRT in Singapore?

By Cash or Standard Ticket

If you are taking the MRT or LRT train, you can use cash to buy a Standard Ticket that can be used for single or return trips. … You also enjoy a 10-cent discount on the sixth trip.

Can I use EZ-Link card to pay?

Besides using your physical card, you can also pay with your EZ-Link Wallet on our app. We make everyday payments secure and convenient for you – simply scan the QR code to pay!

What to do when EZ-Link card expired?

Simply exchange your EZ-Link card that is expiring/expired before 31 December 2021. Visit any TransitLink Ticket Offices to get your subsidised card now. You can also perform a deferred refund of your EZ-Link that has expired at TransitLink Ticket Offices.

How do I withdraw money from EZ-Link?

Visit any TransitLink Ticket Office and present your card to terminate EZ-Reload for refund. Fill up the Manual Deferred Refund (MDR) form provided by TransitLink. Deferred refund will take 14 working days via transfer to another EZ-Link card or to a DBS/POSB bank account.

Can you drink water on MRT?

Can I eat and drink in trains and stations? No, it is not permitted. In 1987, the Rapid Transit Systems (RTS) Act was established by Parliament and it was declared that no food or drink was to be consumed in MRT trains and stations.

What does MRT stand for in Singapore?

By train. Singapore’s MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system is probably the fastest way to zip around the city.

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