How was Philippine deep formed?

How was the Mindanao Trench formed?

Also known as Mindanao Trench, this submarine trench is located in the Philippine Sea, spreads in a length of 1,320km and 30km width in the east of Philippines. Prominent among other trenches in the Philippine Sea, this trench was formed due to a collision between the Eurasian plate and the smaller Philippine plate.

What are the three deepest trenches in the world?

Deepest oceanic trenches

Trench Ocean Maximum Depth
Mariana Trench Pacific Ocean 10,920 m (35,830 ft)
Tonga Trench Pacific Ocean 10,820 m (35,500 ft)
Philippine Trench Pacific Ocean 10,540 m (34,580 ft)
Kuril–Kamchatka Trench Pacific Ocean 10,542 m (34,587 ft)

What will happen if the Manila Trench move?

A strong earthquake in the Manila Trench—an ocean trench west of the country that runs as deep as 5,400 meters–could trigger tsunamis up to 11 feet tall that would hit Metro Manila in a little more than an hour.

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