Is BamBam big in Thailand?

Is BamBam really famous in Thailand?

The Thai rapper is definitely famous in his home country. With countless commercials, endorsements and solo events in Thailand, there’s no question why fans call him the “Prince of Thailand”.

Who is the biggest Kpop group in Thailand?

More than 14 million listeners in Thailand follow BTS each month and the Korean girl group Blackpink has 8 million followers a month, according to figures on its website. Blackpink’s Kill This Love was the K-pop song most streamed in Thailand, followed by the BTS super hit Boy with Luv.

Is Kpop big in Thailand?

Since 2005, K-Pop and South Korean dramas have dominated Thai TV screens and propelled Korean culture almost to the same level as Western and Japanese cultures. … Before the Korean Wave, for instance, Korean automobiles did not sell well in the Thai market, even though they were popular elsewhere.

Is BamBam family rich?

But which of them is richer? The difference between their net worth is really big. Kunpimook Bhuwakul, 23, better known as Bambam, has an estimated net worth of $ 2.5 million that is derived from his 7-year involvement in Got7 and also from his work outside the group.

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Who is the most famous Thai KPOP Idol?

Nichkhun from 2PM

If you’re part of the K-pop fever that started a decade ago, then you probably recognise this man. When 2PM debuted in 2008, Nichkhun garnered enormous attention for being the first-ever Thai idol to join the South Korean entertainment industry.

Did BTS go to Thailand?

On 6th and 7th April 2019, the worldwide BTS Love Yourself World Tour was at its last destination, that is Bangkok, Thailand.

What is the most famous Kpop group in the Philippines?

Local fan group BlackPink Philippines is the main local influencer. Blackpink also holds the record of having 60 million Facebook subscribers, making them the second most largest among global artists the first Korean group to achieve such feat. Second on the list is BTS (or Bangtan Sonyeondan).

How big is K-pop in Thailand?

According to a survey conducted in Thailand in 2019, 45.6 percent of respondents considered K-pop to be very popular in Thailand. An additional 27.2 percent considered it to be quite popular within the country.

Which K-pop group is most popular in Indonesia?

K-pop sensation BTS is said to be the most-talked-about South Korean artists in Indonesia, followed by SM Entertainment’s boyband EXO and JYP Entertainment’s boyband GOT7, girl band BLACKPINK and boy band NCT 127.

Who is the most popular K-pop group in Korea?

Top K-pop Groups Now

  • BTS (방탄소년단) BTS or Bangtan Sonyeon Dan is a South Korean boy group with seven members under Big Hit Entertainment. …
  • iKon (아이콘) iKon is a seven-member group formed through a survival competition called WIN. …
  • Seventeen (세븐틴) …
  • Got7 (갓세븐) …
  • Twice (트와이스) …
  • Blackpink (블랙핑크) …
  • Red Velvet (레드벨벳) …
  • Super Junior (슈퍼주니어)
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