Is Manila Bulletin a reliable source?

What is the purpose of Manila Bulletin?

In contributing to the pursuit of this vision of a just and prosperous society, the mission of the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation through its publications is to provide Filipinos in their country and Overseas Filipino Workeres and residents accurate and objective news of the Philippines, without embellishment …

What is the oldest existing newspaper in the Philippines since 1900?

Manila Bulletin– the oldest existing newspaper since 1900 in the Phil.

Who is the owner of Manila Times?

Who are the target customers of Manila Bulletin?

The Manila Bulletin is the first news journal in the Philippines in terms of circulation. The newspaper has become a columnist of current affairs and inspiring stories about all Filipinos, young and toddlers, the elderly, farmers and fishermen etc.

Why do companies use print ads?

Print Offers Strong Audience Demographic Targeting

Successful small businesses break down their loyal customer base by demographics. After learning the primary demographics of their customers, business operators target the demographic base by placing printed ads in publications bought by the target audience.

What industry is Manila Bulletin?

Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation (MB) was founded as the Daily Bulletin on February 2, 1900 for the purpose of engaging in the publishing business.

Company Information.

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Sector Services
Subsector Media
Corporate Life 50
Incorporation Date Sep 25, 1959
Number of Directors 10

Who owns Inquirer Philippines?

Inquirer Group of Companies

Type Private
Headquarters Makati, Philippines
Key people Marixi Rufino-Prieto (chairperson)
Services Print publication, Digital media, Broadcasting
Owner Pinnacle Printers Corporation (68.9%) Excel Pacific Holding Corporation (25%) Mercedes Rufino-Prieto (6.1%)

Where can I find old newspaper articles in the Philippines?

Philippine historic newspapers

  • The Index to Philippine Newspapers (IPN) IPN is the University of the Philippines Main Library’s index to locally published newspapers. …
  • The Manila Times Archives. Manila Times Archives contains archive for News, Editorial, Business, Regions and Sports.
  • National Archives of the Philippnies.