Question: How much is Selecta ice cream in the Philippines?

How much is ice cream in Philippines?

Top Selecta Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
selecta Hershey’S Cookies And Choco Ice Cream 1.3L ₱ 300.00 Shopee
Selecta Creamdae Supreme Buco Pandan & Mango Float Ice Cream 1.3L ₱ 165.00 Shopee
selecta Pistachio & Cashew Ice Cream 1.3L ₱ 275.00 Shopee
selecta Super Thick Chocolate Ice Cream 1.4L ₱ 230.00 Shopee

How much is ice cream?

How much does ice cream cost?

Brand Average Cost
So Delicious – $4.50 per pint
Store Brand (Kroger, Great Value) – $1.75 per 16-ounce container – $3 per 48-ounce container
Straus Family – $5.50 per pint
Tillamook $5 to $7 per 1.75-quart

How much is a small ice cream?

Carvel Prices 2021

Food Size Price
Soft Serve Ice Cream
Cone or Cup Kids $1.99
Cone or Cup Junior $2.77
Cone or Cup Small $3.48

How much is ice cream per scoop?

One scoop of ice cream is 1 2 cup, or about 68 grams. One gallon contains 16 cups, so one half-gallon contains 8 cups.

How much is a scoop of ice cream cost?

Baskin-Robbins Menu & Prices 2021

Food Price
Ice Cream
Kid’s Scoop $2.19
Single Scoop $2.79
Double Scoop $3.99

Who is the owner of Selecta?

Selecta is part of Unilever’s Heartbrand family of ice creams that are sold in more than 40 countries around the world under many different local names, including Wall’s and Algida.

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Is Selecta Nestle?

Nestlé and Selecta now enter into a new, exciting era of working together after signing a new five-year partnership agreement, whereby Selecta becomes pan European distribution partner for Nestlé’s coffee brands Nescafé and Zoégas, in addition to Starbucks, further extending its premium coffee offer and partnership …

What is a Selecta?

Selecta, or selector, slang term for a DJ.