Question: Why is Indonesia’s air so bad?

Why is the air quality so bad in Indonesia?

Contributors to poor air quality in Indonesia include the mining and oil and gas industries, automobile manufacturing, vehicle emissions, and forest fires. Seasonal variations exist, with the highest levels of air pollution occurring during the dry season (June to October) due to forest fires.

How bad is the air pollution in Indonesia?

“Unhealthy” figures are between 55.5 and 150.4 µg/m³,whilst “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups” are between 35.5 and 55.4 µg/m³. In thecity of Pekanbaru, a “Very unhealthy “figure was recorded in September thisyear with a concentration of 214.9 µg/m³.

Does Indonesia have air pollution?

According to the AQLI, as 80 percent of Indonesia’s population of over 250 million is exposed to annual average pollution concentrations above the WHO guideline, the country has the fifth highest loss of life-years due to particulate pollution in the world.

Why is Jakarta air polluted?

The severe air pollution in Jakarta stems mostly from vehicle emissions, factories and coal-fired power plants. According to a 2017 Greenpeace report titled Jakarta’s Silent Killer, eight coal-fired power plants operate within 100 kilometers of Jakarta, producing hazardous pollutants that affect the capital city.

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Is Indonesia the most polluted country?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The latest annual IQAir quality report on the world’s most polluted countries in 2020 ranks Indonesia 9th and is listed as having generally unhealthy air quality index (AQI).

How do we prevent air pollution?

Reduce the number of trips you take in your car. Reduce or eliminate fireplace and wood stove use. Avoid burning leaves, trash, and other materials. Avoid using gas-powered lawn and garden equipment.

What is the pollution level in Indonesia?

Pollution in Indonesia

Air Pollution 60.46 High
Dirty and Untidy 56.01 Moderate
Noise and Light Pollution 50.83 Moderate
Water Pollution 61.92 High
Dissatisfaction to Spend Time in the City 54.75 Moderate

How bad is Jakarta pollution?

In regards to Jakarta’s pollution problems, statistically speaking it comes in with a poor quality of air. In 2019, it came in with a PM2. 5 yearly average of 49.4 µg/m³.

Is Jakarta polluted?

Jakarta is routinely ranked among the most polluted major cities in the world, with experts estimating that poor air quality causes 5.5 million cases of disease here each year, amounting to 6.8 trillion rupiah ($477 million) in health costs.

How do people living in Jakarta get their drinking water?

The most common water source for Jakarta mainly comes from water purification from Citarum River and from other areas outside Jakarta, such as Jatiluhur Dam (Figure 5). The second water source option is groundwater. Unfortunately, groundwater was not very dependable water source for domestic needs.

What is the air quality in Jakarta?

Jakarta Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)

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Current Min
PM2.5 AQI 159 55
PM10 AQI 65 20
Weather Information
Temp. 28 23

What are the levels of pollution like in Jakarta?

Pollution in Jakarta, Indonesia

Air Pollution 77.75 High
Drinking Water Pollution and Inaccessibility 55.66 Moderate
Dissatisfaction with Garbage Disposal 75.40 High
Dirty and Untidy 68.33 High
Noise and Light Pollution 61.31 High