Quick Answer: How many sheep are there in Thailand?

How many chickens are in Thailand?

As of February 2021, broiler chickens made up the largest number of animals in livestock farming in Thailand, amounting to over 315 million. This was followed by indigenous chicken, which amounted to around 112 million.

Are there chickens in Thailand?

Village chickens or Thai indigenous chickens (TIC) (Gallus gallus domesticus) have been Thai people’s way of life at least since the time of the Ayutthaya Kingdom some 400 years ago (Choprakarn, 1976). This can easily be seen throughout the country.

How many cows are there in Thailand?

The beef cattle population in Thailand is currently about 4.9 million head, [1]. About 1.0 million head of beef cattle are slaughtered annually. Beef cattle are mainly in the North-east (48%), with 16% in Northern area and 12% in Southern area.

Why is the central region of Thailand important for agricultural sector?

In terms of regions: 1) central Thailand is regarded as the country’s breadbasket, with large amounts of rice, sugarcane and fruits such as pineapples produced there. 2) Rubber is the primary agricultural money earner in southern Thailand. 3) Dry rice and maize are the main crops on the north.

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