Quick Answer: Where is the Full Moon Party in Thailand?

How Much Is Full Moon Party ticket?

Costs on the Night

It costs 100 Thai Baht to enter the Full Moon Party. The ticket barriers are before the beach so if you are staying on the beach at Haad Rin Nok you can avoid paying the entrance fee. You can buy fluorescent paint at the 7-11s in town for under 100 Thai Baht.

Does the full moon affect mental health?

For the most part, a full moon doesn’t cause people to become more aggressive, violent, anxious, or depressed. There does seem to be a link between the phases of the moon and changes in symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Is Koh Phangan expensive?

Although Koh Phangan is a little more expensive than mainland Thailand you can still find many good 50 Baht Thai restaurants and we have the wonderful Thong Sala Pantip food market too! If you want to go even cheaper then make your own food! … Taking us up to 10,500 Baht so far.

How do you get to Full Moon Party from Bangkok?

Another option to get to the full moon party is by train. You hop on the train at the Hualamphong station in Bangkok and go over night to Surat Thani. From there you take a 1,5 hrs bus ride to the peer where you take the ferry to Thong Sala at Koh Phangan.

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