Should Thai students wear uniforms?

Is it better for students to wear a school uniform or not?

Wearing uniforms help students to feel inclusive in school since everyone wears the same. They do not need to worry about others may judge them due to their outfits. In addition, school uniforms also help the issue between upper grades students and lower grades students. … Peer pressure of students is reduced.

Why can’t Thai students have long hair?

Why does Thailand have a haircut rule for school students? … The haircuts for men look similar to military crew cuts, while for girls, the hair length should reach only the earlobes. The rule traces its origins to a school dress code law in 1972 under the military dictatorship of Thanom Kittikachorn.

What are the negative effects of school uniforms?

They don’t cultivate student self-esteem and motivation. They don’t balance the social-status differences that often separate students. And they don’t improve academic achievement. (In fact, uniforms may even be associated with a small detrimental effect on achievement in reading, his research shows.)

How are uniforms uncomfortable?

How are uniforms uncomfortable? School uniforms are sometimes uncomfortable because they are tight, the collar is annoying and the pants are very thin. … School uniform comes in a limited range of sizes and might not fit everyone, because everyone comes in different shapes and sizes.

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Why is school bad for you?

Going back to school can cause stress, anxiety, and depression for kids and adults alike. There’s good reason for it. When it comes to your kids, they may not always talk about it, yet there are many factors that can affect their mental health. This is true for both kids and parents.

Is long hair not allowed in Thailand?

Introduced in 1972 by the military government, rules on school dress codes were partially eased in 1975 to allow male students to have longer hair. But for female students, the rules remained the same. With school permission, however, long hair is authorized but must be neatly tied.

Why do schools have hair rules?

As per the school norms, students must maintain a good hairstyle that is decent and doesn’t seek much attention. The primary things that are focused on are to make students look-alike the same instead of different. Because modern hair color trends sometimes may be inappropriate for a school look.