What does Rod stand for in Singapore?

What does the title Rod mean?

The filing or recording of various legal documents with the Register of Deeds (ROD) is a way of putting the world on notice that something important has happened or will happen. … The Register of Deeds (ROD) is able to tell who, what, and when about property.

What is a rod short for?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rod is a common diminutive (hypocorism) of various masculine given names, including Rodney, Roderick, Rodford and Rodion.

What does Rod stand for work?


Acronym Definition
ROD Retired on Duty
ROD Run-Of-Day
ROD Repair-On-Demand (depot repair priority system)
ROD Record of Disposition

What does it mean when someone calls you a hot rod?

A colloquialism and slang term used to refer to the act of modifying a vehicle for enhanced driving performance, top speed, and/or to accelerate faster. “Are you going to hot rod [the vehicle] or leave it stock?”

Is Rod short for Roger?

Roger became a very common given name during the Middle Ages.


See also Robert, Rudolph, Rodney, Roderick

Where is the name Rod from?

The name Rod is primarily a male name of English origin that means Short Form Of Roderick Or Rodney.

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What does Rod mean in government?

Record of Decision (ROD) Guidance.

What is Rod date?

Revenue Operations Date (ROD) means the date of operation of Metro.

What rank is Encik?

This isn’t a “one rule fits all”, but in BMT the ranks you usually see are 3SG/2SG (sergeant), WOs (encik), 2LT/CPT (sir).

What is attend C in army?

“Got Attend C?” I don’t know why, but in the army, Attend C means MC, or in other words, ho sey liao. Attend B means light duties, or in other words, sway lah.