What is Malaysia Water Quality Index?


What is water quality index?

A water quality index provides a single number (like a grade) that expresses overall water quality at a certain location and time based on several water quality parameters. The objective of an index is to turn complex water quality data into information that is understandable and useable by the public.

How is Wqi calculated Malaysia?

WQI = 0.22(siDO) + 0.19(siBOD) + 0.16(siCOD) + 0.15(siAN) + 0.16(siTSS) + 0.12(sipH) 621 Page 3 siDO-subindex is for dissolved oxygen, siBOD-subindex is for biochemical oxygen demand, siCOD-subindex is for chemical oxygen demand, siAN-subindex is for ammoniacal-nitrogen, siTSS-subindex is for total suspended solid.

What are 5 water quality indicators?

They include dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, salinity and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus).

What is a good water quality score?

The standardized scores for each water quality parameter are based on predetermined rating curves, such that a score of 100 indicates excellent water quality and a score of 0 indicates poor water quality. … The Scatterscore index identifies increases or decreases in any water quality parameter over time and/or space.

Who invented Wqi?

A number of water quality parameters are included in a mathematical equation to rate water quality, determining the suitability of water for drinking [4]. The index was first developed by Horton in 1965 to measure water quality by using 10 most regularly used water parameters.

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How is Wqi calculated?

The WQI is calculated by averaging the individual index values of some or all of the parameters within five water quality parameter categories:

  1. Water clarity: turbidity (NTU*) and/or Secchi disk depth (meters or feet);
  2. Dissolved oxygen: Dissolved oxygen concentration (mg/l);

What are the 6 main indicators of water quality?

These include temperature, acidity (pH), dissolved solids (specific conductance), particulate matter (turbidity), dissolved oxygen, hardness and suspended sediment.

How water quality is monitored?

What is water quality monitoring? … There are many ways to monitor water conditions. Monitoring specialists sample the chemical condition of water, sediments, and fish tissue to determine levels of key constituents such as dissolved oxygen, nutrients, metals, oils, and pesticides.

What makes good water quality?

What makes water “good” is the lack of impurities. Impurities in water are measured and commonly referred to as “Total Dissolved Solids” (TDS) as a measure of the total ions in solution. These electrically charged dissolved particles (ions) make ordinary water a good conductor of electricity.

What is Bangladesh standard for drinking water quality?

Advocate for a review of the Government of Bangladesh’s standard for drinking water from 50 ppb to 10 ppb. Mortality from cancer increases with exposure to high arsenic concentrations in drinking water.