What is muck diving Indonesia?

What is muck diving explain?

Muck diving gets its name from the sediment that lies at the bottom of many dive sites – a frequently muddy or “mucky” environment. Other than muddy sediment, the muck dive substrate may consist of dead coral skeletons, discarded fishing equipment, tires and other man-made garbage.

How much does it cost to go muck diving in Bali?

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label_en price_usd * (SELECT exchange_rate FROM jgd_exchangerate WHERE exchange_rate_id = ‘1’)
2 dives Seraya 1.644.500,00
2 dives Padang Bay including Jetty 1.716.000,00
2 dives Puri Jati* 1.716.000,00
2 dives Secret Bay* 1.787.500,00

How much does it cost to go muck diving in Padang Bai?

Rp4,000,000 per person.

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