What is the cleanest lake in the Philippines?

Why you should visit Kayangan Lake?

Surrounded by towering limestone cliffs dotted with greenery, Kayangan is the cleanest lake in the Philippines and one of the cleanest in Asia. The water is so clear that you can see through to the rock formations beneath the surface.

Are there sharks in Barracuda Lake?

no sharks – Barracuda Lake.

How many lakes are there in the Philippines?

There are over 100 recorded lakes in the Philippines (Table I). The region with the most number of lakes is Southern Tagalog (22) followed by the Cordillera Autonomous Region (21} Within the Southern Tagalog region, the province of Laguna has the most number oflakes (12).

Can Kayangan Lake be considered as an ecotourism site?

Ecotourism has changed the Tagbanua ancestral domain and their culture which is reinforced by their rights and claims over the ancestral domains covering some of Coron’s best ecotourism sites, like the Kayangan Lake, the Twin Lagoons and surrounding beaches and islets.

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