What poisonous snakes live in the Philippines?

Does Philippines have Cobras?

The Philippine cobra (Naja philippinensis) also called northern Philippine cobra, is a stocky, highly venomous species of spitting cobra native to the northern regions of the Philippines.

Are there tigers in the Philippines?

No, there are no tigers in the Philippines.

How can you identify a venomous snake?

If the tail is cylindrical, ventral shield is large, head is covered with large shield, snake can be venomous or non venomous, observe the jaw and vertebral scales: If the vertebral scales are not large, third supra labial shield (upper jaw) is large and touch the nostril and eye – Venomous- Cobra or coral snake.

Is a Python venomous?

Is it a python? Pythons are bulky, relatively slow-moving, non-venomous snakes belonging to the group of snakes known as the boids (pronounced ‘bo-ids’). These snakes are constrictors, meaning they kill prey, mainly birds and mammals, by coiling around it and squeezing until it suffocates.

Do Philippine cobras eat king cobras?

It will mostly eat a menu consisting of frogs, mice, small rats and lizards, or even other snakes. Its predators are the famous Mongoose, birds, humans of course, and even his mighty relative, the King Cobra.

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