Why did Malaysia and her husband split?

Does Malaysia Pargo have custody?

Malaysia, who primarily works as a jewelry designer, was married to Jannero Pargo from 2006 to 2014. In 2016, Bossip reported that Malaysia won half Pargo’s pension in her divorce settlement. They share joint custody of their kids.

Are Bambi and Malaysia still friends?

Bambi is still one of my best friends, as well. Nothing has changed just because she’s on Love & Hip Hop [Atlanta]. We speak at least twice a week and we’ve just seen each other in Miami, so yes. We grew up together, I’ve known her since I was about 16 years old so there is no way that I would not be in the wedding.

Who does Malaysia have kids by?

Is Cisco Rosado dating Jennifer?

After her divorce with Eric was settled, Jennifer dated CMG entertainment’s Cisco Rosado. They split in 2014. Even though she jumped into the dating pool, the star was taking it slow.

How much is Malaysia worth?

$387.094 billion (nominal, 2021 est.) $978.78 billion (PPP, 2021 est.)

How much do Basketball Wives make?

‘ As a cast member of ‘Basketball Wives,’ she reportedly earns $300,000 per season and an additional $40,000 for every reunion episode. Jennifer Williams’ net worth is estimated at $25 million as of 2021, making her the second richest “Basketball Wife.”

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What happened to Jackie Christie?

She is currently filming “The Jackie Christie Project,” her self-titled variety show, and taping for her new podcast that goes by the same name. “I really want to give a voice to not just average people, interesting people, celebrities, everybody.