You asked: Is caning still allowed in Malaysia?

Is caning illegal in Malaysia?

Corporal punishment is lawful as a sentence for crime. … Corporal punishment is also lawful as a sentence under Islamic law, and there is no exemption for females. The Sharia Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965, which applies to Muslims in all the States of Peninsular Malaysia (arts.

Why should caning be banned?

Corporal punishment should indeed be banned in all schools because of violent attitudes in children, educational progress and psychological damage of the child. … Physical punishment such as spanking erodes the developmental growth in children and also degrades the child’s IQ.

Does caning cause permanent damage?

The blows with the cane are referred to as strokes or cuts. Depending on the material the cane is made from, the width, and the way it is handled, caning can leave someone with injuries ranging from redness and mild bruising to permanent scars.

Is caning a good form of punishment?

A survey conducted by The Sunday Times showed that 57 out of 100 parents felt that caning was an acceptable form of punishment and that they had used it on their own children. Their reasons for caning their children include: Stubbornness, refusal to listen, and dangerous or harmful acts.

Is caning inhumane?

Caning as a form of corporal punishment is a common practice in Southeast Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, and is also used in Africa. … A caning often cuts the flesh and leaves permanent scarring. Amnesty International have called caning torture, and regard the practice as cruel and inhumane.

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Is caning effective in Singapore?

Pointing to Singapore’s low crime rate, Chen said the city-state’s “caning” practise was a more effective long-term deterrent to violent crime than the death penalty, which he said was only just “one aspect” of punishment. …

Is caning legal in the US?

Despite opposition from medical and social-services professionals, as of 2016, the spanking of children is legal in all states and, as of 2014, most people still believe it is acceptable provided it does not involve implements.

What is punishable by death in Singapore?

The death penalty is prescribed in Singapore for a wide range of offences. However in recent years it is only known to have been imposed for drug trafficking, murder and firearms offences, all of which carry a mandatory death sentence.