Your question: How do you use Maepranom Thai chili paste?

How do you eat Thai chili paste?

It is popular as a base in soups, stir-fries, and chili dips, but it is considered indispensable in khao yum, a rice salad mixed with nam bu do, minced lime leaves and lemongrass, shredded coconut, chilies, lime juice, and dried shrimp.

What is Maepranom?

Prik Pao (or “namprik pao”) is legendary in Thailand and has been a staple in Thai households for generations. This is a cooked chile paste with a variety of uses, and it’s the key ingredient in tom yum.

What is the best Thai chili paste?

Thai Chili Pastes, Nam Prik Pao, Sambal Oelek

  • Thai Chili Paste, Mae Pranom, 8.0 oz. …
  • Chile Paste in Oil, Mae Anong, 17.6 oz. …
  • Tom Yum Paste, Por Kwan, 8 oz. …
  • Roasted Chili Paste (Chilli Jam), Pantainorasingh, 16 oz. …
  • Thai Chili Paste from Heaven, Pantainorasingh, 4.73 oz. …
  • Vegetarian Thai Tom Yum Soup Paste, Lee, 8.0 oz.

Is sambal oelek the same as Thai chili paste?

Nam prik pao is a Thai chili paste, so the origin alone makes it different from Indonesia’s sambal oelek. … Compared to nam prik pao’s intense flavors, sambal oelek offers a clean chili pepper flavor that might include a little acidity and salt.

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How hot is Thai chili paste?

A Medium Hot Thai Chili

Prik chee fah weigh in around 5,000-30,000 on the Scoville heat scale, about the same heat as a Serrano chili. They are commonly used fresh as a garnish, but are also often dried when they are red and ripe.

What is Thai chili sauce called?

Sweet chili sauce (also known as Sweet Thai chili sauce), known as nam chim kai in Thailand (Thai: น้ำจิ้มไก่; lit. ‘dipping sauce for chicken’), is a popular chili sauce condiment in Thai, Afghan, Malaysian, and Western cuisine.

Is sambal oelek the same as nam prik pao?

Sambal oelek is another Southeast Asian chili paste that will provide heat similar to that offered by nam prik pao , though it may lack some of the savory notes. It contains garlic but no fish sauce or shrimp paste. … While it does lack some of the flavors, it can provide a simple heat to stand in for nam prik pao.

Is Sriracha the same as chili paste?

We recommend Sriracha sauce as a very good chili paste alternative. It’s thicker than most hot sauces and rich in chili pepper flavor. You could also thicken it further by adding in paprika to the Sriracha sauce.

Does Thai chili paste need to be refrigerated?

They should all be kept in the fridge, though. You can indeed make your own chili paste: Simply soak dried chiles in water until soft, then grind—or blend—them into a paste. If you’re making chili paste from scratch, it is best to use the paste right away, though it will be fine in the fridge for up to a week.

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How spicy is Calabrian chili paste?

Calabrian pepper fast facts

Scoville heat units (SHU) 25,000 to 40,000
Origin Italy
Use Culinary
Size 1 to 2 inches long, conical
Flavor Sweet, Fruity, Smoky, Salty