Best answer: What is there to do in Sapa in December?

What is Sapa like in December?

In December, Sapa is cold and foggy with ocassional sunny days when the view is much better.

What else is there to do in Sapa?

25 Best Things to Do in Sapa (Vietnam)

  • Visit Sapa Museum. Source: Diggers2004 / Wikimedia Sapa Museum. …
  • Go hiking. …
  • Join a H’mong Sewing Class. …
  • Visit Cat Cat Village. …
  • Go boating on Sapa Lake. …
  • Watch the Ta Phin Commune Church Singing. …
  • Drink some wine in Ban Pho Village. …
  • Go for a walk around Ham Rong Resort.

How cold does Sapa get?

The weather in Sapa

The daytime temperature usually fluctuates from 20ºC to 25°C, and at night temperature is around 13ºC to 15°C. In the winter, Sapa is very cold, with the temperature drops to 0°C, so it will offer an opportunity to watch snow if you travel to Sapa in the winter.

Is Sapa worth visiting in April?

Pros:April is considered the most beautiful time in Sapa. It’s the end of the icy cold days, and the sun starts shining in the middle of the day. The weather is dry so pleasant for traveling and taking a trekking tour to conquer the Fansipan peak.

Does Hanoi snow?

Yes, it can snow in Vietnam but only in the mountainous regions of Northern Vietnam. The weather in northern Vietnam in winter can get very cold and snow can occur on the highest peaks in the north in Sapa, Tam Dao, and Hoang Lien Son between December and February.

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Does Sapa snow?

Sapa is widely known as the most wonderful snowfall scene in Vietnam. There is nowhere more ideal than Sapa not only for domestic visitors but also for foreign tourists to experience a snowy winter in a tropical climate nation. The majority of travelers to Sapa choose the right time to see the first snow.

Does Burma have snow?

Precipitation in the region, falling as snow at higher altitudes, is reported to be abundant, thanks to its proximity to a number of major water sources including the Bay of Bengal 900km away, – around 5 metres per year. … But the abundant snow does still lie year round in places on the mountain.

What is SAPA known for?

Sapa is a mountain town in northwest Vietnam, famous for its towering peaks, steep rice terraces and picturesque villages nestled between every breathtaking view. It is one of Vietnam’s top tourist destinations, and for very good reason.