Frequent question: Which part of Singapore is Choa Chu Kang?

Which part of Singapore is north west?

The North-West region of Singapore consists of Bukit Batok, Bukit Panjang, Choa Chu Kang, Woodlands (West), Bukit Timah, Tengah, Ama Keng, Wrexham, Poyan Reservoir, Sarimbun, Lim Chu Kang and Neo Tiew areas.

Is Choa Chu Kang a good place to live?

If you are looking for more than a residential neighbourhood, Choa Chu Kang is the place to live in. Enjoy the fresh air at Singapore’s underrated countryside, as there are still several farms scattered beyond the dense HDB flats.

Where is South West in Singapore?

It covers the South Western region of Singapore, including Jurong Island and Sentosa Island, and comprises Chua Chu Kang, Jurong and West Coast Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs), as well as Bukit Batok, Hong Kah North, Pioneer and Yuhua Single Member Constituencies (SMCs).

Which MRT line is the longest?

The EWL is currently the longest MRT line, at 56.6 km long with 35 stations, running from Pasir Ris (EW1) to Tuas Link (EW33). A separate branch line known as the Changi Airport Branch Line links Tanah Merah (EW4 | CG) to Changi Airport (CG2) via Expo (CG1/DT35).

How did Yew Tee get its name?

Yew Tee MRT Station was named after the Yew Tee Village, which used to be located near Stagmont Ring Road, off Woodlands Road. During the Japanese Occupation of Singapore (1942–45), the Japanese used this village to store oil, prompting the naming of the village “Yew Tee”, meaning “oil pond” in Teochew.

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Who is Yew Tee?

Yew Tee is a sub-division of Choa Chu Kang

So many people now say “I live in Yew Tee” rather than “I live in Choa Chu Kang”. Many also now identify Yew Tee as a place of its own. Just don’t forget, Yew Tee is really part of the whole Choa Chu Kang estate.

What makes Choa Chu Kang attractive?

Places of Attraction

Its beauty can be found in its natural state. There’s a Farmart and Qian Hu Fish Farm that’s pretty near CCK. In fact, the shuttle bus to these areas runs from the MRT station. You get to enjoy the scenery and purchase fresh produce there, perfect for a family time out!