How can I open a restaurant in Indonesia?

Can I open a restaurant in Indonesia?

A restaurant business in Indonesia falls under the tourism industry sector and therefore you will need to obtain separate permits from the Ministry of Culture and tourism on top of everything else that is needed to set up a company. The permit you need is called Tanda Daftar Usaha Pariwisata (TDUP).

How much does it cost to open a restaurant in Indonesia?

Required Documents for Restaurant License

The cost of a restaurant license starts from IDR 120 million. The entire process of company formation and license issuance will take up to 2-3 months.

Can a foreigner own a restaurant in Indonesia?

Foreigners can open restaurants in Indonesia. However, foreigners must have an Indonesian Partner(s). … After receiving the BKPM approval, then the foreigners & Indonesian partner(s) may set up an Indonesian entity (PT PMA or Foreign Investment Limited Liability Company) under the Indonesian Law.

How much money will it take to open a restaurant?

The cost of starting a restaurant can be anywhere between ₹5 lakhs to ₹2 crores. Higher the budget, higher the profits – but if you are a new restaurateur, it’s safer to start a small restaurant/fast food business. Use consultants & chefs to create a menu.

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Can you own land in Indonesia as a foreigner?

According to Government Regulation No. 103/2015 on House Ownership of Foreigners Residing in Indonesia, it allows foreigners who reside (legally) in Indonesia to own landed houses in Indonesia for a period up to 80 years.

How do I open a store in Bali?

How do I start a business in Bali

  1. Visas. …
  2. Bank Account. …
  3. Company Ownership requirements. …
  4. Nominee company. …
  5. Appoint an agent and a notary. …
  6. Get a facility with correct build permit (IMB)

How do I get settled in Bali?

You need a Visa to visit or live in Bali, what type of visa is what needs to be planned. You will enter Bali on a Tourist Visa, which is valid for 30 days. If you want to extend to 60 days, you must purchase a Visa on Arrival (VOA) when entering the airport. Then a visit to Immigration will allow you to extend.

Can Foreigners open business in Indonesia?

Under Indonesian law, a foreigner cannot wholly own a PT, which can only be owned by Indonesian citizens. However, a foreigner can partner with a PT owner through a Nominee Company Agreement.

Can you own a business in Indonesia?

What are the capital requirements for starting a foreign-owned business in Indonesia? To start a PT PMA in Indonesia, business owners are required to invest a paid-up capital of IDR 10 billion (approx. … This paid-up capital is required at the start of the company incorporation and excludes building and land assets.

Is Indonesia good for business?

According to The World Bank Group’s Ease of Doing Business ranking, Indonesia ranks 73 in the world to do business, ahead of the Philippines (rank 124), below China (46) and Malaysia (15). The country is on an upwards trend for ease of doing business, ranking 128 in 2013 and 91 in 2017.

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Is restaurant a profitable business?

“If a restaurant is successful, the profit margins can be to the tune of 40% per month. This makes it more lucrative than property investment, which gives you a return of up to 25% annually,” says hospitality consultant Sandeep Verma. “The business has to be planned like the car business.