Question: How do I check my strata title Singapore?

How can I check my HDB title deed?

The online service is now available at and property owners can access the service by logging in with their SingPass. From today, the online service includes all private property titles and about 130,000 HDB property titles that have been digitised so far.

How do I look up property ownership?

All methods discussed here for finding property owners rely on public records searches.

Find Property Owners Using Public Records

  1. County Tax Assessor Office. …
  2. County Record/Clerk. …
  3. Local Title Company. …
  4. Mailing List Companies and Mailing List Brokers. …
  5. Advanced Property Data and Owner Information Platform.

How do I find out who owns a property in Singapore?

SINGAPORE – Property owners can now access free information on their property on the Singapore Land Authority’s new online service, MyProperty. The online service is available at and members of the public need their SingPass to log in.

What is Strata certificate of title?


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Subsidiary Strata Certificates of Title are issued for units in a building or development which is strata subdivided. This enables the transfer of the legal titles for the strata units.

What happens if I lost my title deeds?

It is possible to carry out a search at the Land Registry, to locate your property and title number. … An Official Copy of the register is the equivalent of a ‘title deed’ and so it will not matter if you lose this, a further copy can always be obtained from Land Registry, again for a small fee.

Who holds original title deeds?

The title deeds to a property with a mortgage are usually kept by the mortgage lender. They will only be given to you once the mortgage has been paid in full. But, you can request copies of the deeds at any time.

How do I find the history of my house online for free?

To get started, check to see whether your city or county has public records accessible online. You can do this by using the Public Records Online Directory portal. This will allow you to do a property history search for free.

How do I find my property value Singapore?

You can find out the annual value of the current year and up to past five years. The owner of a property can find the current AV of his properties at no cost by logging into The owner does not need to use the Check Annual Value of Property service to find out the AV of his own properties.

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How can I check who owns a property in HDB?

You can find out the particulars of the owner of the HDB flat by applying for “Image of HDB Leases” in INLIS ( The photocopy of the lease will show the name of the owner and any issues affecting the property.

Where are HDB title deeds kept?

Where are Title Deeds Stored? If your property is under mortgage or you have used your Central Provident Fund (CPF) monies to buy your property, your title deed will be safe-kept at the Land Titles Registry of the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) under the Paperless Title Scheme.

How do I find my strata title?

To check on your strata title, you can either call the local land authority or conduct a quick search on the e-Tanah system using the master title details in your Sale and Purchase Agreement. Alternatively, you can call the developer to ask if they have applied for the strata title and what is the next stage.

What is considered common property in strata?

Common property is all the areas of the land and buildings not included in any lot. It is jointly owned by all owners, and the owners corporation is responsible for its management. The lot and common property will be defined on your individual strata plan.