Question: Why cats in Thailand have no tails?

Why do some stray cats have no tail?

The research suggests that a mutation in the gene HES7 is responsible for the trait in these breeds. Previous research has identified that the short tailed/tailless trait in the Manx and several bobtail cat breeds is due to a mutation in the T-box gene.

Why do they cut cat tails?

Tail docking became a common practice for breeders to conform cats to the rest of a litter born without tails for certain breeds. … Nervous systems in cats are fully developed and it is proven they can feel the pain. Many breeders dock the tails of cats for appearance.

Is a kinked tail genetic?

Kinked tails are considered inherited and dogs with severe kinks should not be used for breeding.

Does the length of a cat’s tail mean anything?

A cat’s tail has about 20 vertebrae enclosed in muscles, and held together by ligaments and tendons. … The average length of this incredibly mobile structure is 11 inches for males and 9.9 inches for females, which indicates tail length generally is relative to size of the cat.

Are there cats in Cambodia?

There are at least seven big cat species that have been recorded in Cambodia such as the leopard cat, fishing cat, Asian golden cat, marbled cat, clouded leopard, Indochinese leopard and tiger, but some are most likely extinct.

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