What are the values of Filipino towards education?

What is values in values education?

Values Education is an essential element of whole-person education which aims at fostering students‘ positive values and attitudes through the learning and teaching of various Key Learning Areas/subjects and the provision of relevant learning experiences.

What are the five main values in education?

Values education is an explicit attempt to teach about values and/or valuing. Superka, Ahrens, & Hedstrom (1976) state there are five basic approaches to values education: inculcation, moral development, analysis, values clarification, and action learning.

What is the significance of values education in the Philippines?

It aims to mobilize all Filipinos for nation building by actualizing human values in daily lives as citizens and to awake all in the power of values and ideals in achieving the individual and national goals.

What is the aim of values education?

Value Education means teaching and learning of ideals. The aim is for students to understand moral values and show their good behavior and attitude towards society.

What are the objectives of values education?

Objective of Value Education:

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They are namely sensitivity, punctuality, neatness, scientific attitude, dignity of labour, sportsmanship, equality, brotherhood, patriotism, secularism, cooperation, tolerance, respect for elder, non-violence, national integrity, universal brotherhood.

What is the best method for values inculcation?

The strategies are: 1. Incorporating Values through the Existing Curriculum 2. Value-Inculcation through Co-Curricular Activities 3. Development of Value-Consciousness through Story 4. Inculcation of Values through Discussion on Slogans 5.

What are examples of values?

Here are some examples of core values from which you may wish to choose:

  • Dependability.
  • Reliability.
  • Loyalty.
  • Commitment.
  • Open-mindedness.
  • Consistency.
  • Honesty.
  • Efficiency.

What are the 12 values Headings said to be universal?


What is the importance of Filipino values?

They also added that it is important to be fueled by modern Filipino values because as a person it serves as one’s mirror of personality. Values make people decide of what is best. The most common values they are using during their shift are honesty, caring, respect, faith, being fair, and politeness.

What is the importance of Filipino value system?

Filipinos reiterate the importance of values related to society such as good governance, love for country, honesty and integrity. As for personal values, value of the self, life and purpose, resilience, and happiness are important.