What is the significance of Magellan’s voyage to the history of the Philippines?

What was the significance of Magellan’s voyage?

What was the significance of Magellan’s voyage? They were the first persons to circumnavigate, or sail around, the world. They could now map out the entire world and navigate it.

Why Ferdinand Magellan is important in the study of Philippine history?

The Discovery of the Philippines:

Ferdinand Magellan is regarded as the first European to discover the Philippine archipelago. Ironically, this also became the last country he discovered. His explorations and discoveries came to a tragic end after he was killed in battle in the island of Mactan.

What is the importance of the first voyage around the world in the Philippines?

It opened doors in the places where they passed, where people, ideas and goods were coming and going. It established commercial contacts between East and West that remained for centuries.

What were some results of Magellan’s voyage around the world?

Ferdinand Magellan believed he could sail west to Asia from Spain when he set out in five ships in 1519. The result was the discovery of the Pacific Ocean. The Victoria reached Spain a year later with just 18 of the original crew of 260 after sailing 60,000 miles. …

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What is the reason and purpose of the voyage?

The purpose of Ferdinand Magellan’s voyage was to find a route to Asia sailing West. In 1492, Columbus sought such a route and mistook the West…

Is it true that Magellan discovered the Philippines?

Ferdinand Magellan did not discover the Philippines. He merely landed on its shores on March 16, 1521. … The best way to describe Magellan and the members of the expedition is this: they are among the first Europeans to set foot in the Philippines.

What was the most significant result of Ferdinand Magellan’s explorations?

What was the most significant result of Ferdinand Magellan’s explorations? His voyages showed that the circumference of the earth was longer than what Columbus had estimated. … the transatlantic flow of plants, animals, and germs that began after Christopher Columbus reached the New World.

What is the importance of reading Philippine history?

Studying Philippine History is important because you have to understand and know the things that happened in the past for you to appreciate the future and present situation of the country.

Was Magellan’s voyage a success?

Though he was killed in the Philippines, one of his ships continued westward to Spain, accomplishing the first circumnavigation of Earth. The voyage was successfully terminated by the Basque navigator Juan Sebastián del Cano.

What is the primary reason of Antonio Pigafetta in writing the first voyage around the world?

Question 1: What is the primary reason of the author in writing the document Antonio Pigafetta’s First Voyage Around the World: A Travelogue? How was it produced? The Author wanted to document his journey across the globe. He wanted to detail the events and experience.

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