What prescription drugs are banned in Thailand?

Can I bring my prescription drugs to Thailand?

Travel with prescription medicine containing Narcotic Drugs/Psychotropic substances into/out of Thailand. Check if your medicine has any substance on the list. You can only bring medication for a maximum of 30 days use. And it has to be in its original package.

What prescription drugs are illegal?

Misuse of prescription drugs means taking a medication in a manner or dose other than prescribed; taking someone else’s prescription, even if for a legitimate medical complaint such as pain; or taking a medication to feel euphoria (i.e., to get high).

Can you bring Viagra into Thailand?

Under Thailand’s drug rules, Viagra is not available in drug stores, but is sold only in hospital pharmacies with a prescription from a urologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist or psychiatrist for 400 baht (10 dollars) a dose.

Are antibiotics legal in Thailand?

Antimicrobials account for 15–20% of the total human drug costs in Thailand, and 50% of antimicrobial consumption is antibiotics; the other 50% are antiviral, antifungal, and other drugs. … Such drugs cannot be obtained, legally, without a prescription and are reserved for hospital use.

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Are steroids legal in Thailand?

What he found in Thailand was an abundance of performance-enhancing drugs like steroids and human growth hormone – all of them legal and available over the counter.

Is melatonin legal in Thailand?

24, 2020, Poonlarp Chantawitwong, Deputy Secretary General of the Thailand Food and Drug Administration, clarified that melatonin does not belong to food according to “Food Act” B.E. … 2522, and it is not allowed to use melatonin as food ingredient.

What is the penalty for sharing prescription drugs?

People sharing prescription drugs may be subject to penalties and fines. Penalties can go up to five years in prison, and fines can reach into the thousands of dollars. Depending on the case, you may also be held legally responsible for any adverse effects suffered by the person who shared your prescription.

Can I fill a prescription for someone else?

Answer: Yes. A pharmacist may use professional judgment and experience with common practice to make reasonable inferences of the patient’s best interest in allowing a person, other that the patient, to pick up a prescription.

Is it illegal to give drugs away for free?

That is simply not the law. The law punishes the delivery or distribution of drugs and does not focus on whether or not the drugs were sold or given in exchange for money or property. … All that is required is that the person gave, meaning physically handed a drug or controlled substance to another person.

Is Xanax allowed in Thailand?

Thailand has strict controls over medical grade pain killers and stimulants, but anti-anxiety medications classified as benzodiazepine (Valium, Xanax, Ativan, etc… ) are the number one addicted prescription drug type.

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What is ibuprofen called in Thailand?

List of brands

Name Countries
Ibugan Thailand
Ibugel UK
Ibuflam Germany, South Africa
Ibugesic Latvia

Do you need a prescription for Cialis in Thailand?

It works fine and in fact can be stronger than Viagra. Kamagra. Apr 25, 2012 · You do need a prescription, in the very unlikely chance that they check you at the airport.

What are antibiotics explain?

Antibiotics are medicines that help stop infections caused by bacteria. They do this by killing the bacteria or by keeping them from copying themselves or reproducing. The word antibiotic means “against life.” Any drug that kills germs in your body is technically an antibiotic.