Who replaced Governor General Francis Burton Harrison as governor general of the Philippines?


Who was dubbed as the most cruel governor general in the Philippines?

Camilo García de Polavieja

The Most Excellent The Marquis of Polavieja
Photograph by Kaulak
113th Governor-General of the Philippines
In office December 13, 1896 – April 15, 1897
Monarch Alfonso XIII of Spain

What is the difference between Governor-General and Prime Minister?

“Who has more power, the Governor-General or the Prime Minister?” … While these powers are exercised by the Governor-General, in reality the Governor-General normally operate on the advice of the Prime Minister and ministers, who have day-to-day responsibility for governing Australia.

What is difference between Governor and Governor-General?

Governors-General and Viceroys were the main administrative cogs of British India who saw to it that the “Jewel in the Crown” of the British Empire.

Difference Between Governor-General and Viceroy.

Governor-General Viceroy
Time Periods: 1833 – 1858 Time Periods: 1858 – 1948
William Bentinck was the first Governor-General Lord Canning was the first Viceroy
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