Are there tenses in Thai?

How many tenses are there in Thai?

For instance,in active voice of the indicative mood,no less than twelve different tenses can be found. Verbs in Thai aren’t conjugated;but instead,auxiliaries are used to indicate past or future actions!

What is the sentence structure for Thai?

The most basic explanation of Thai sentence structure is SVO – Subject, Verb, and Object. This is similar to English, which means that it is one less major change to have to consider. As you can see in this basic sentence, it follows the same general order as in English.

Does Thai have conjugation?

Unlike with English, and most other languages, Thai verbs are not conjugated to indicate information such as person, number, or tense. For example, regardless of whether or not you were saying, “I am running”, or “She ran”, in Thai, the verb would remain the same.

Does Thai have a future tense?

I will admit the article title is misleading, in that Thai doesn’t have a future tense. It also doesn’t have a past tense. … To refer to the future you should use the word ‘will’ (ja2 จะ). Just put ‘will’ right before the verb – exactly like in English – and your sentence automatically becomes future tense.

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Is Thai grammar hard?

Thai might take some time to learn, but it’s not the most difficult language in the world. The main difficulties are the 5 tones and the relatively different vocabulary compared to English. The grammar is extremely simple, however, and while the alphabet seems exotic, it’s phonetic and not too difficult to learn.

Is Thai grammar easy?

The grammar of the Thai language on the other hand, is extremely easy. There are no conjugations, declensions, inflections etc. Thai words do not change form with gender, person, number, or even tense.

How are classifiers used in Thai?

Classifiers are the words used to count objects. In Thai, you cannot count a noun, e.g. ‘I have five dogs’. Instead you have to use a classifier.


an general classifier (you can use it for small objects if you cannot remember the right classifier)
kan vehicles

How do plurals work in Thai?

When you want to change a word from singular to plural in English, most of the time you just add an s at the end (kid => kids, horse => horses, laptop => laptops). There are exceptions such as child =>children, woman => women).

Is Thai grammar similar to English?

Though some similarities can be noted, Thai grammar is more straightforward than English. … There are very few fixed rules, and just like English, the language, in general, is based on the use of subjects, verbs, and objects to communicate a complete thought.