Can I bring meat into Malaysia?

What things Cannot bring to Malaysia?

Prohibited and Restricted Items when Sending to Malaysia

  • Knives and daggers.
  • Pens and pencils.
  • Goods that look like syringes.
  • Indecent or pornographic material of any description.
  • Counterfeit money.
  • Chemicals that are poisonous.
  • Cloth with prints or duplicates of verses from the Quran.

Can you bring pork into Malaysia?

Due to the recent outbreak of African Swine Fever, the Malaysian government has imposed a temporary ban on the admission of pork and pork products into Malaysia. … Prohibition of Pork and Pork-based Products into Malaysia.

Can bring pork from Singapore to Malaysia?

Pork products can be imported only from approved regions including Australia, Japan, US and some European countries. Eggs from Malaysia or other countries except for Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.

Can I bring sausage to Malaysia?

Re: Can you bring food into Malaysia? PSS, sausages are not allowed. Sometimes, customs folks conduct random xray for luggages, inclusive of backpacks, so it goes thru. Sausages are more obvious in xray screening and raised a red flag to customs folks.

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How much is import duty in Malaysia?

Malaysia levies a tariff rate which ranges from 0 to 50 percent, following ad valorem rates. However, the average duty paid on industrial goods imported into Malaysia is 6.1 percent.

Can you send chocolate to Malaysia?

So items such as cheeses and fruits are out of the question. Additionally, items such as cakes or chocolates are also tough to send as they are likely to melt in a hot weather or shipping depots in Malaysia that are not always air conditioned.

What do I have to declare at Malaysia customs?

Under the provision of the Customs Act 1967, travellers entering Malaysia are required to declare all dutiable or prohibited goods in their possession. Failure to declare dutiable or prohibited goods or making false declaration is an offence.

How can I import pork into Malaysia?

Importers in Malaysia who intend to import pork from the approved abattoir can apply for import permit through the online e-permit system. The import permit need to be obtained by the importers in Malaysia prior to the import and shall be obtained for every consignment.

Does Malaysia Export alcohol?

Export regulations:

Free export of reasonable quantities of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.

What Cannot be brought into Singapore from Malaysia?

Prohibited and Controlled Goods

  • Chewing gum (except dental and medicated gum)
  • Chewing tobacco and imitation tobacco products (for example, electronic cigarettes)
  • Cigarette lighters in the shape of a pistol or revolver.
  • Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances.
  • Firecrackers.

Can I bring milk powder from Malaysia to Singapore?

Singapore immigration has no objection to bringing in milk powder, either. Even if you’re wary of buying milk powder for fear of fakes, you might still consider buying diapers since they’re not ingested. … That’s significantly cheaper than even the cheapest diapers in Singapore, which are about $0.28 or $0.29.

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How much does it cost to ship to Malaysia?

Cheapest shipping to Malaysia

Weight Price Service
1lb $16.30 Asendia e-Paq Plus
5lb $68.23 Worldwide Expedited Drop Off
10lb $101.36 Worldwide Expedited Drop Off
20lb $163.49 Worldwide Expedited Drop Off

Can I post vitamins to Malaysia?

Medicines including vitamins and health supplement bringing into Malaysia only for your own personal use or for one of your family members shall not exceeding such quantities as may be reasonably required for one (1) month’s use by one (1) person only.

Can I send mobile phone to Malaysia?

Hi Khoo, Electronic products can be sent to Malaysia. Do note that your shipment is subjected to customs inspection and high duties and taxes (if any) will be borne by the receiver.