Frequent question: What is common room Singapore?

What does common room mean?

1 : a lounge available to all members of a residential community. 2 : a room in a college for faculty use.

What is the purpose of a common room?

A common room is a room in a university or school where people can sit, talk, and relax.

What do you call a common room?

Sitting room in a residential community or school. combination room. community room. dayroom.

Is a living room a common area?

stairways, parking lots, spots, ramps, or other such areas, washing machines or laundry room, … living rooms.

What is a reception room?

British. : a room in a house (such as a living room) that is used for sitting and not for cooking, sleeping, etc.

How do you get to the Gryffindor common room?

The Gryffindor Common Room is located in Gryffindor Tower. To enter the room, you need to give the right password to the guardian painting, the Fat Lady. The Common Room is also the only way of getting to the Gryffindor dormitories, where the Gryffindor students sleep.

What are the types of rooms?

Room Type

  • Single: A room assigned to one person. …
  • Double: A room assigned to two people. …
  • Triple: A room assigned to three people. …
  • Quad: A room assigned to four people. …
  • Queen: A room with a queen-sized bed. …
  • King: A room with a king-sized bed. …
  • Twin: A room with two beds.
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Which common room is the best?

The Hufflepuff common room is in the basement next to the Hogwarts kitchens and is the most comfortable of all the house common rooms.

What are the most important rooms in the house?

The most important rooms are the kitchen, the living room, the master bedroom, and the master bathroom. But just focusing on the most important rooms isn’t everything. You will also need to avoid some major turn-offs such as, for example, limited parking or bad smells, so you can create a good first impression.

What is meaning of junior common room?

junior common room in British English

noun. (in certain universities and colleges) a common room for the use of students. Compare senior common room, middle common room.

What rooms are in a college?

Rooms in schools and colleges – thesaurus

  • classroom. noun. a room where you have classes in a school.
  • common room. noun. a room in a school or college where students go to relax.
  • dorm. noun. informal a dormitory.
  • dormitory. noun. …
  • infirmary. noun. …
  • language laboratory. noun. …
  • lecture hall. noun. …
  • lecture theatre. noun.

What is a University common room?

A delightful club for University staff and PhD candidates. Members enjoy discounts, facilities, a subsidised bar, and event invitations at Old Government House.