How can I become a better Malaysian?

How can I become a good Malaysian?

Here are five ways that we, as normal, everyday citizens, can help make a better Malaysia.

  1. Choose unity, and forget race-based politics.
  2. Never forget, but move on.
  3. Celebrate achievements.
  4. Work with our leaders.
  5. Speak up and spread the good word.

How can we make Malaysia a better place to live?

5 Things You Can Do To Make Malaysia a Better Place

  1. 1) Stop being a keyboard warrior.
  2. 2) Be socially responsible.
  3. 3) Do not accept/offer bribes.
  4. 4) Drive responsibly.
  5. 5) Volunteer/Contribute towards a cause.

What is the best part of being Malaysian?

4 Things I Love About Being a Malaysian

  • The breathtaking scenery. Malaysia is known for its breathtaking scenery. …
  • The myriad of food. You can’t talk about Malaysia without mentioning the food! …
  • The diverse culture that comes together. …
  • The phenomenal sports scene.

What are good citizenship values?

These values, also referred to herein as “good citizenship values” are as follows: faith in Almighty God, respect for life, order, work, concern for the family and future generations, love, freedom, peace, truth, justice, unity, equality, respect for law and Government, patriotism, promotion of the common good, and …

What it means to be a Malaysian?

Being Malaysian means I come from a country that has so much to offer and so much more room to grow. … Being Malaysian to me means living in harmony by acknowledging and accepting the differences we have as a multiracial nation and at times, have a good laugh at it.

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