How can I create Paytm account in the Philippines?

How can I create Paytm account in Mobile?


  1. Download and Install the app from your respective app store. o For Android users: Open Google Play Store and search for the Paytm app and tap on Install. …
  2. A working internet connection is a must.
  3. Create a login ID and password using your phone number.
  4. After you have downloaded and installed the app.

Can we make account on Paytm without bank account?

Paytm users won’t be able to use their Paytm wallets for sending money to others or to transfer money to a bank account. … However, without KYC, users won’t be able to send money to their friends or transfer the money back to a Bank Account. This is the only impact if you don’t undergo KYC process.

Can we create Paytm account without ATM?

If you don’t have or use a debit card you can still transfer money to your paytm wallet through Paytm mobile app as well as You can use your credit card, netbanking or UPI ID to add money in Paytm without a debit card.

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Can I use Paytm as a foreigner?

Here’s the problem: PayTM, the country’s biggest online wallet, doesn’t allow you to charge money with a foreign card. This means that PayTM doesn’t work for foreigners. The only way to load money on a PayTM wallet as a foreigner is to have an Indian friend transfer funds with his or her local debit or credit card.

Can we pay money without KYC in Paytm?

A. Minimum KYC is required for using Wallet. Without minimum KYC it is still possible for you to use Paytm for UPI money transfer and make purchases using credit/debit cards and net-banking.

What is UPI account no?

UPI is a banking system for money transfers on payment apps. To add a bank account to Google Pay, your bank must work with UPI. Your UPI ID is an address that identifies you on UPI (typically yourname@bankname).

Can I open bank account on Paytm?

Download the latest version of Paytm App. Open & click on Savings Bank Account icon. click on Proceed.

Is it safe to link bank account with Paytm?

Your MPIN is a 4 or 6 digit passcode, stored securely with NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India). Your account details and MPIN is safe with NPCI and is authenticated with secure servers whenever money is deducted from your account using Paytm UPI. Transaction processed in real-time.

What documents are required to open Paytm account?

Address Proof

  • Utility bill (Electricity bill, telephone bill, gas or water bill)
  • Passport.
  • Driving license.
  • Ration card.
  • AADHAR card.
  • Bank statement or bank passbook.
  • Voter ID card.
  • Stamped signed or recognized letter from a public authority or a gazetted officer for applicant’s details verification.
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Can I use PhonePe without ATM card?

The best part: You don’t need to enter credit or debit card details, a one-time password, your bank’s IFSC code or any other details.

Can we add cash in Paytm?

Download the Paytm app or visit and after logging in successfully, go to the Wallet section. Enter amount you want to add and click on “Add money to Wallet”. You can add money to your Wallet through multiple payment options like net banking, debit card, credit card and ATM card.

Can I use PhonePe without bank account?

Can I use a PhonePe wallet without a bank account? Yes, PhonePe wallet can be used without a bank account.