How can I go to Borneo from Philippines?

How do I get from Philippines to Borneo?

There is no direct connection from Borneo to Philippines. However, you can take the travel to Bintulu airport, fly to Manila, then take the taxi to Santa Ana. Alternatively, you can take the travel to Sibu airport, fly to Manila, then take the taxi to Santa Ana.

How do I get to Borneo?

Borneo flight facts

The most popular route to Malaysian Borneo is via Kuala Lumpur. Fly with British Airways to the Malaysian capital in just under 13 hours. From here fly on to Borneo with one of our partner airlines in under three hours. Land in Kota Kinabalu or Sarawak.

How do you get to Sabah from Philippines?

Car ferry, bus • 2 days 22h

  1. Take the car ferry from Manila to Zamboanga.
  2. Take the car ferry from Zamboanga to Sandakan Harbour.
  3. Take the bus from Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu North Bus Terminal Inanam.

What is the best month to visit Borneo?

The best time to visit Borneo is between March and October, when the island is hot, humid, and at its driest. This makes it one of Southeast Asia’s few summer destinations. It is also the best time to see orangutans in the wild, while turtles can be seen on Lankayan Island between June and September.

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How long do I need in Borneo?

The ultimate Borneo itinerary would have to be at least two to three weeks long (or as long as you can stretch it out given time and money).

Does Borneo have nice beaches?

The 7 Best Beaches to Visit in Borneo

  • Pulau Tiga, Sabah.
  • Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
  • Manukan Island, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
  • Hawaii Beach, Miri, Sarawak.
  • Tusan Cliff Beach, Miri, Sarawak.
  • Muara Beach, Brunei.
  • Derawan Beach, Berau, East Kalimantan.

Is Borneo expensive to visit?

Borneo is one of the more expensive places to visit in South East Asia. But that’s not to say a holiday there still can’t be done on a budget. You can certainly do most things even by spending just US$40 a day, especially if you map out your adventures before you get there.

How Safe Is Borneo for tourists?

Borneo in general is a safe destination with relatively low crime rates. Tourists should exercise the usual precautions – not walking alone at night, not leaving valuables such as cameras and smart phones on display, and using registered taxis.

Can you fly direct to Borneo?

Travelling by plane to Borneo

There are quite a few options when it comes to this and the most direct routes are via Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia Airlines), Singapore (Singapore Airlines) or Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific). … If you’re starting in Sandakan you can take an Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur.

Do you need passport from KL to Sabah?

A valid passport (and visa wherever applicable) is required for of everyone entering Malaysia. A passport is also necessary for travel between Peninsular Malaysia and the East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, as well as interstate travel between Sabah and Sarawak.

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How do you get from Singapore to Sabah?

There are 4 ways to get from Singapore to Sabah by bus or plane

  1. Take the bus from Queen Street Bus Terminal to Woodlands Checkpoint Out.
  2. Fly from Senai (JHB) to Kota Kinabalu (BKI) JHB – BKI.

How long can West Malaysian stay in Sabah?

Single Entry only. The bearer is allowed to remain in Sabah or Sarawak on a Social or Business Visitor’s Pass for a period not exceeding three (3) months.

Travel Replacement Document.

Applicant Required Documentation
Below 12 years old Birth Certificate or Adoption Certificate.