How cold does it get in Yangon?

How cold does it get in Myanmar?

The annual average temperature ranges from 22 degrees Celsius (72° Fahrenheit) to 27 degrees Celsius (81° Fahrenheit) year-round. There are three distinct seasons in Myanmar: The cold and dry season, from November to February, with average monthly temperatures that range between 20°C (68°F) and 24°C (75°F).

Is it safe to travel to Yangon?

In all the areas that foreigners are allowed to visit, Myanmar is very safe in terms of personal security: incidents of crime against foreigners are extremely low and Yangon is considered to be one of Asia’s safest large cities, with no areas that need to be avoided.

Does Yangon have snow?

There is an airport here however with daily flights in from Yangon. Precipitation in the region, falling as snow at higher altitudes, is reported to be abundant, thanks to its proximity to a number of major water sources including the Bay of Bengal 900km away, – around 5 metres per year.

Does it rain a lot in Myanmar?

Most of Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate with three seasons: … Rainy – June to October is the monsoon season, with high rainfall. From June to August, rainfall can be constant for long periods of time, particularly on the Bay of Bengal coast and in Yangon and the Irrawaddy Delta.

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Does it ever snow in Burma?

Myanmar has always been associated with the word ‘HOT’. But in fact, it snows too in northern Myanmar at the Kachin State from December to January! Putao, which is in Kachin state, is the closest town to some of the snowy mountains located on the Himalayans. … A snow-capped Panwa will leave you in awe.

What is the hottest city in Myanmar?

Bagan – Hot and Dry

The highest temperature is around 49°C (120°F) and the lowest is about 31°C (87°F).

What is the main religion of Myanmar?

There is significant demographic correlation between ethnicity and religion. Theravada Buddhism is the dominant religion among the majority Bamar ethnic group and among the Shan, Rakhine, Mon, and numerous other ethnic groups.

What can we do in winter in Myanmar?

Five ideas to build into your trip

  • Stay in the former hill station of Kalaw. …
  • Take a cruise on the Ayeyarwady River. …
  • Enjoy some relaxation time on the beautiful Ngapali Beach. …
  • Experience breath-taking scenery and life on the water at Inle Lake. …
  • Take in Myanmar’s spectacular temple landscape of Bagan from the air.

Where is the coldest place in Myanmar?


Hakha Haka
Hakha Location in Burma
Coordinates: 22°38′43.9476″N 93°36′18.129″ECoordinates: 22°38′43.9476″N 93°36′18.129″E
Country Myanmar
State Chin State

How many seasons does Yangon have?

Yangon (Rangoon) Weather and When to Go

Like most all tropical climates, there are three distinct seasons in Myanmar: the hot and dry, the rainy, monsoon season and the cold season. In Myanmar, winter lasts from November to February, hot season from March to May, and rainy season from end of May to end of October.

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