How did Singapore become a green city?

When did Singapore become a green city?

The start of a garden-city

At the end of 1970, more than 55,000 new trees had been planted and, by 1971, a tree planting day was inaugurated, an annual event that involved huge numbers of people. The transformation was also reflected in laws such as the Parks and Trees Act’, enacted in 1975.

What makes Singapore a sustainable city?

Today, Singapore is a liveable and sustainable city, with clean air and a clean living environment, a robust and diversified supply of water, and beautiful green spaces. … Singapore is among the 20 most carbon-efficient countries, while natural gas generates 95 percent of its electricity.

What does green really mean in Singapore?

And while the word “green” can take on a variety of connotations, Singapore appears to encompass them all — lush environments, renewable energy and future sustainability. “We take steps to ensure our self-sufficiency,” says Yvonne Soh, general manager of the Singapore Green Buildings Council.

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