What are the typhoons that hit the Philippines 2018?

How many typhoons have hit the Philippines in 2018?

The season was above-average, producing 29 storms, 13 typhoons, and 7 super typhoons.

What is the typhoon in the Philippines in 2018?

(FEMA, 10 Sep 2018) Typhoon Mangkhut is the strongest storm to hit the Northern Marianas island of Rota since 2002 (Radio New Zealand Int’l, 12 Sep 2018). According to the [PAGASA], Typhoon Mangkhut is expected to enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) around 14H00, 12 September 2018.

How many typhoons have hit the Philippines in 2017?

The season produced a total of 27 named storms, 11 typhoons, and only two super typhoons, making it an average season in terms of storm numbers.

What are the names of typhoons in 2019?


  • 3.1 Tropical Storm Pabuk.
  • 3.2 Tropical Depression 01W (Amang)
  • 3.3 Typhoon Wutip (Betty)
  • 3.4 Tropical Depression 03W (Chedeng)
  • 3.5 Tropical Storm Sepat (Dodong)
  • 3.6 Tropical Depression 04W (Egay)
  • 3.7 Tropical Storm Mun.
  • 3.8 Tropical Storm Danas (Falcon)

What months are the typhoon season in the Philippines?

The wet season typically begins in June, with typhoons a possibility from August through to October. The Philippines enjoys a tropical climate that is for the most part hot and humid year-round, but can be roughly divided into a dry season between November and May, and a wet season between June and October.

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How many typhoons are there in 2020?

Overall, there were 22 named storms in the basin in 2020, which was slightly below the norm of 27. A total of 10 of the 22 storms became typhoons, a moderately lower than normal proportion.

Why do Philippine typhoons have two names?

The Philippine Weather Bureau started naming storms within their area of responsibility in 1963, using female Filipino names ending in the former native alphabetical order. … This often resulted in a Western Pacific cyclone carrying two names: an international name and a local name used within the Philippines.

Why the Philippines are prone to disasters?

At least 60% of the country’s total land area, nearly 300,000 square kilometers (116,000 square miles), is vulnerable to natural hazards, in large part due to the archipelago’s location along both the path of the tropical storms brewing in the western Pacific and the Ring of Fire.

What are the typhoons that hit the Philippines 2015?

Typhoon Koppu, known in the Philippines as Typhoon Lando, was a powerful and devastating tropical cyclone that struck Luzon in October 2015.

Typhoon Koppu.

Typhoon (JMA scale)
Formed October 12, 2015
Dissipated October 21, 2015
Highest winds 10-minute sustained: 185 km/h (115 mph) 1-minute sustained: 240 km/h (150 mph)