What is Mak Mak in Thai?

What does Mak Mak in Thai mean?

i love you a lot.

How do you write Mak Mak in Thai?

mak mak – มากๆ – very much.

What does Jing Jing mean in Thai?

The root word is จริง, which means ‘true’ or ‘real’. จริง Jing1. If you repeat the word twice, it means ‘really! ‘, ‘seriously‘, or ‘I’m telling the truth.

What is NOI in Thai?

Noi River in Thailand. … Noi is the Thai word for little.

What does Khob Khun Ka mean?

meaning. Thai Language (Green:stress / Blue:male / Pink:female) Thank you. (male) Khob khun krab.

What is mai pen rai in Thai?

“Mai pen rai”, which can be translated as “never mind” or ‘It is nothing’ is a very common expression in Thai, the language of Thailand.

How do you say goodnight in Thai?

ฝันดีนะ (fan dii na) is a commonly used wording to say “good night” in Thai. It can be used amongst family members, couples, and friends.

How do you beg in Thai?

Translations & Examples

  1. ขอร้อง {vb} beg (also: ask, implore, request)
  2. ออดอ้อน {vb} beg.
  3. สาระวอน {vb} beg.
  4. บิณฑบาต {vb} [form.] beg.
  5. กล่อม {vb} beg (also: calm)
  6. ใส่ร้าย {vb} beg (also: calumniate)
  7. ตกลูกใช้กับวัว {vb} beg (also: calve)
  8. ค่าย {vb} beg (also: camp)
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How do you apologize in Thai?

If you want to say sorry in the Thai Language, the most common way is saying ขอโทษ (kŏr tôht). You can use kŏr tôht to mean “excuse me”, “sorry”, “apologies”. Keep in mind, that if you are a female add Ka at the end of sentences, and if you are a guy add krap at the end of the sentence.

How do you compliment a girl in Thai?

10 Thai words for complimenting

  1. Narak (น่ารัก) Narak is a way to say cute in Thai language. …
  2. Suay (สวย) If you want to compliment someone that she is beautiful, this word will come in handy. …
  3. Phorm (ผอม) …
  4. Hoon Dee (หุ่นดี) …
  5. Chalard (ฉลาด) …
  6. Doo Dek (ดูเด็ก) …
  7. Somboonbaeb (สมบูรณ์แบบ) …
  8. Khem Kang (เข้มแข็ง)

How do you say I love you in Thai to a friend?

ฉันรักเธอ (chan rak ter) – I love you.