What is Thai rum?

What does SangSom taste like?

SangSom has soft mellow sugars, coconut, and mild sweet coffee flavours; the aroma is light and sweet and the flavour is approachable. It is a very simple, but enjoyable, golden rum.

Can you drink alcohol in public in Thailand?

Street Drinking: It is not illegal to drink in many places on the street, although some places it is restricted (you’ll see signs – such as parks mentioned). Buddhist Holidays: It’s illegal on certain religious days to sell and drink alcohol in public places.

Is SangSom rum?

SangSom (แสงโสม) is a rum from Thailand, distilled from sugarcane. It was introduced in November 1977 and has since become a dominant brand in the Thai spirits market. … The drink won gold medals in liquor competitions in Madrid, Spain in 1982 and 1983, and again in Barcelona in 2006.

Do Thai people drink a lot of alcohol?

Thai people are pretty familiar with alcohol in its various forms– with locally brewed beer being one of the most popular types of alcohol consumed. … From a cultural standpoint, drinking beer and other types of alcohol is deeply rooted in Thai’s daily lives.

Is sangsom Rum good?

Sweet, but in a light, affected way that lacks the syrupy overload of darker rums. Weight of honey on the tongue. The finish: not much of one, but still lingers in the mouth a bit. The sweetness is a light aftertaste that, again, lacks the sickening, heavy syrup overload of rums with darker additives.

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How much is a bottle of sangsom in Thailand?

I usually buy the 700 mL bottle, 286 baht in Big C. Next to it is a 1 litre bottle, 430 baht.

Can you chew gum in Thailand?

3) It’s a punishable offence to throw (used) chewing gum on the pavement. I wouldn’t really class this one as silly – unusual, perhaps, but not an out-and-out silly one of the laws in Thailand. Plus, it’s one that’s definitely worth bearing in mind because there’s a pretty hefty fine if you get caught (nearly £400).