What is the main idea of the essay I am a Filipino by Carlos P Romulo?

What is the message of the given lines of I Am a Filipino?

“I Am a Filipino” is an essay that underlines the burning desire of the Filipinos for independence. I am a Filipino–inheritor of a glorious past, hostage to the uncertain future. A Filipino is also express as a brave, courage and born with freedom.

What does the seed symbolize in I Am a Filipino?

The seed I bear within me is an immortal seed. It is the mark of my manhood, the symbol of dignity as a human being. Like the seeds that were once buried in the tomb of Tutankhamen many thousand years ago, it shall grow and flower and bear fruit again.

What is the contribution of Carlos P Romulo in the Philippines?

He was a co-founder of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, a general in the US Army and the Philippine Army, university president, President of the UN General Assembly, was eventually named one of the Philippines’ National Artists in Literature, and was the recipient of many other honors and honorary degrees.

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What do we truly mean when we say I am a Filipino?

What does it mean to be Filipino? It means being a part of a family and supporting one another. You can see it whenever Filipinos are around. It doesn’t matter if we are blood related or not-we are always there for one another.

What is the theme of I am Filipino?

Romulo wrote “I am Filipino”. This literary work focuses on the great desires of Filipino to have freedom. Carlos P. Romulo made the essay to make people realized the desire on Filipinos to have their own freedom or independence.

How can you prove that you are a Filipino?

Any of the following documents showing proof of Filipino citizenship:

  • Philippine birth certificate;
  • Old or valid Philippine passport;
  • Voter’s affidavit or voter’s identification card;
  • Marriage contract indicating the Philippine citizenship of the applicant; or.

How can you show that you are a true Filipino?

You are 100% Filipino (genuine and true) if:

  • You have close family ties, you are hospitable, respectful and industrious.
  • You send giant cargo boxes “Balikbayan Box” to the Philippines at least once a year.
  • You like taking photo of yourself, and almost anything that you see.

What makes you proud as a Filipino?

Seeing every Filipino ready to help each other is inspiring and enough to feel proud to be a Filipino. Beyond resilience, adaptability and having courage to face very difficult times, us Filipinos have shown that we are also most compassionate, selflessly eager and always ready to help anybody in need.

Who is Carlos P Romulo and what is his contribution to the development of Philippine literature?

Carlos P. Romulo (1899-1985) was an author and the foremost diplomat of the Philippines. He was the only Filipino journalist to win the Pulitzer Prize and the first Asian to serve as president of the UN General Assembly (1949). He also gained prominence as America’s most trusted Asian spokesman.

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What is I saw the fall of the Philippines all about?

This is an eye-witness account of the Battle of the Philippines, down through the author’s thrilling escape on the last plane from Bataan and again on the last plane from Mindanao. His book is of particular significance because of Col. Romulo’s close association with the men who were directing that campaign.

What are the famous work of Carlos P Romulo?

Rómulo’s prolific pen is attested to by his books, such as I Saw the Fall of the Philippines (1942), Mother America (1943), My Brother Americans (1945), I See the Philippines Rise (1946), Crusade in Asia (1955), The Magsaysay Story (1956), I Walk with Heroes (1961), and Identity and Change (1965).

What are the identity of Filipino?

The culture of the Philippines is a combination of cultures of the East and West. Filipino identity was created primarily as a result of pre-hispanic cultures, colonial influences and foreign traders intermixing and gradually evolving together.

How do you describe Filipino?

Filipinos have been described as friendly, outgoing, sensitive, easily offended, nosy, garrulous, direct, hospitable, feisty, irreverent, good natured, clever, witty, gregarious, happy, generous, easy to laugh, gracious, easy to befriend, casual, fun loving, sensitive and hospitable.

What defines a Filipino?

A person born or living in the Philippines. … Filipino is defined as the national language of the Philippines and is the term used for a person who is from the Philippines. An example of a Filipino is a person born in the Philippines. An example of Filipino is the language spoken in the Philippines.

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