What kind of wood grows in Indonesia?

What kind of wood does Indonesia used in wood carving?

A wide range of wood is used for Balinese woodcraft, such as albesia, jackfruit, crocodile wood, rain tree, and hibiscus, to more exotic varieties like sandalwood, teak, and mahogany.

What kind of wood grows in Bali?

7 Most used Indonesian woods for furniture

  • Teak.
  • Mahogany.
  • Mango.
  • Rosewood.
  • Suar.
  • Rubberwood.
  • Acacia.

Is furniture made in Indonesia good?

Indonesia has been ranked among the most manufacturers who offer a great set of furniture which will be noticed to be long lasting and of high quality in the past years. … The fact is Indonesia is known for its high-quality natural resources especially when it comes to hard timber type such as mahogany and teak.

Does Indonesia have oak trees?

Quercus sumatrana is an oak native to the islands of Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia and Malaysia. On Borneo, it is reported from Sarawak, Sabah and East Kalimantan. This is a very large emergent tree up to 60 m (180 feet) tall, growing in mixed dipterocarp forest up to 1400 m in altitude.

Is mahogany from Indonesia?

It is native to South Asia, Indochina, Malesia, China, and Papua New Guinea. It is commonly known as the suren toon, surian, limpaga, iron redwood or the red cedar (a name also shared with various other trees). It is also known as the Indonesian mahogany or the Vietnamese mahogany.

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Where can you find the ancestral wooden statue in Indonesia?

Ancestral statue/head (indigenous name: Tau Tau) from the Toraja people on Sulawesi. Toraja land is known for its special burial rituals. For the journey to the afterlife, the Tau Tau dolls are carved and placed in carved out rock walls.

Is Indonesian teak good quality?

Indonesian teak is very durable and resilient. With proper maintenance, it can last for several decades without becoming damaged. It’s resistant to regular wear and tear, and ages gracefully.