Which Plantation is famous in Malaysia?

In which country rubber plantation is famous?

Thailand produced 4.37 million metric tons of natural rubber in 2020, making it the leading producer of natural rubber worldwide. This was followed by Indonesia, which produced 3.04 million metric tons.

Is rubber Plantation famous in Sri Lanka?

The traditional rubber growing areas of Sri Lanka is located mainly in the wet zone in a land extent of 127,500 hectares. … Today, the rubber plantations have expanded to nearly 133,668 hectares out of which 85,442 hectares (64%) are contributed by rubber small holder sector.

Is Malaysia well known for dairy farming?

Malaysia relies heavily on imports to satisfy domestic demands for dairy products. In 1970, the import value of dairy products was RM69 million and increased to RM1. 2 billion in 2014. Although milk production has increased over the past four decades, Malaysia is still unable to meet the dairy demand of its population.

Which country latex is best?

Natural Rubber Net Production

# 29 Countries
1 #1 Thailand View data
2 #2 Indonesia View data
3 #3 Vietnam View data
4 #4 India View data

What is coconut triangle?

Coconut palms grow in most parts of Sri Lanka except in higher elevations. It’s a strong, light, and demanding tree. Most of the coconut is concentrated in the triangle formed by Puttalam, Kurunegala and Gampaha. This area covered by these three towns is referred to as the Coconut Triangle.

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