Your question: Does Vietnam have Santa?

How long does Christmas last in Vietnam?

In recent days, Christmas is getting more and more popular and is considered one of the four most important festivals in Vietnam including the Birthday of Buddhism, Mid-term Autumn Festival, and Lunar New Year. Vietnamese Christmas celebration starts in the evening of 24th December and often last to the next day.

Is Christmas day a public holiday in Vietnam?

There are several local and regional observances that are not officially recognised as paid holidays including the Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party, the Birthday of President Ho Chi Minh and Christmas Day. …

How do Vietnamese celebrate?

The most important holiday celebrated in Vietnam, and indeed by Vietnamese people worldwide, is Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. Tet is commonly described as Christmas, Thanksgiving and your birthday all celebrated at once. The second most celebrated Vietnamese holiday is the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Where can I spend Christmas Day in Vietnam?

If you like the exciting atmosphere, you should spend your Christmas night at the center of Vietnam’s two biggest cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Nowadays, with the Vietnamese youngsters, Christmas is a time for gathering to chat, sing, play games, and maybe… do something weird together publicly on the street.

What do Thailand do for Christmas?

From the mountains of Chiang Mai to buzzing Bangkok and white sands and crystal waters of Ko Samui, here is our pick of top places to spend Christmas in Thailand.

  • Bangkok. One of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant capitals, Bangkok is a must-see on your trip to Thailand. …
  • Ko Samui. …
  • Chiang Mai. …
  • Krabi. …
  • Pattaya.
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How many public holidays did Vietnam have in 2021?

Vietnam Public Holidays 2021

Date Day Holiday
10 Feb to 16 Feb Wed to Tue Tet
21 Apr Wed Hung Kings Commemoration Day
30 Apr Fri Reunification Day
1 May Sat Labor Day